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Rose Flower Tonic 200ml
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Rose Flower Tonic 200ml

This gentle combination of pure spring water and balancing ingredients is a real tonic for sensitive skin types. It stimulates with the uplifting fragrance from Essential Oils of Rose & Geranium, and the wonders of Witch Hazel support the fine tissues around the eyes, relieving strain and making this super hydrating tonic an integral part of skin detox and an anti-ageing regime. Yin Yang Rose Flower Tonic should always be used after cleansing and before moisturising. Lightly fragranced with Rose & Geranium.



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Used after cleansing for extra hydration, this soothing, moisturising tonic refreshes and tones the skin. Like all Yin Yang products the Tonic's naturally balanced pH of around 5.0 maintains or restores the skin's defensive "acid mantle".

Rose Essential Oil is said to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, sharpen memory and boost mood. When applied to the skin, Rose can help to reduce wrinkles, improve moisture, and reverse the signs of aging.

The following ingredients are in Yin Yang Skincare Orange Flower Tonic.

acidophilus Acidophilus Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar
Essential Oil of Sweet Orange Essential Oil of Sweet Orange Parabens free preservative Parabens free preservative
Water Water Witch Hazel Witch Hazel

Use twice daily after cleansing and before moisturising. Spray onto a muslin cloth or cotton wool to remove Yin Yang Rose Skin Cleanser or spray directly over the face and neck, then allow up to one minute for skin to absorb. This gentle tonic provides additional hydration and is soothing and firming for the fine skin around the eyes. Always patch test before use. 

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