Yin Yang Rose Essential Gift Set Review

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Review of Yin Yang's Rose Essential Gift Set by Wylde Magazine.

"A quick sniff of the Rose Skin Cleanser, Rose Flower Tonic and Rose Natural Moisturiser has me sold: they all smell divine."

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Gwendolyn Haynes
Thursday, 22 September 2016  |  20:53

To yin yang skincare /essentials i was on line llooking for skincare anti-aging products and essentials andi came across your website and started reading up on your Products. I have really bad oily skin and i have wrinkles and my eyes are starting to have bags,i hhave that hair that can go anyway except it would not take any perms it will fall out .i went to an couple of beautians and they will not have anything to do with my hair. They say what they will ddo to it i can do it at home,but i just want my hair to grow and be stronger thick,and my skin is where I need the help.im an mmother of 6, and i have taught preschool for 16 yrs.and i can go on and on.but what im trying to ssay is i would love to have any free samples that you may not want.i would really ,really love to have some,and i could also send you a review of me.please if so my address is 1830 northfield n.w warren, ohio 44485. Again thank you.