Katie’s December Newsletter

Friday, 10 December 2010  |  Admin

The Telephone Link with the Yin Yang Family

We are ending 2010 very much as we started it, frozen in at Beechgrove Farm, 500 feet above sea level. Looking out over the Cotswold Countryside, as I write at my desk, it is as close as one can come to looking out on fairyland. As the telephone host for Yin Yang, it has been good to talk with lots of new customers as well as hearing from regular and loyal ones, who have used Yin Yang for many years. Being able to communicate on a one to one basis with such a large family of users is so important for product development; the skincare issues that you have talked about with us have inspired the formulation of two new Yin Yang lines - one for acne and one for sensitive skin.

Plant of the Month - The Horse Chestnut

Again reflecting on the year, I receive a constant protection very close to the farmhouse, from a huge horse chestnut tree. It is always doing something, either preparing for its wonderful flowers in May or its distinctive fruit in the Autumn.  Long have I been fascinated by its powers.   Native to Greece and Albania, it was introduced into Europe in the seventeenth Century, when it was recommended for circulation disorders including varicose veins. We now know that the fruits contain two elements, aesculin and aescin – saponins which affect capillary permeability and thus soothe thin sensitive skin where the blood is so close to the surface. The skin is innervated with sensory fibres, whose ends detect various stimuli, such as heat, irritation and pressure which is transmitted to the skin causing “reactions”. Consequently, I am very pleased to announce that the rather splendid horse chestnut is a key ingredient in our SO SENSITIVE products, which are due to be launched in 2011.

Packaging Developments

Early in 2010 we made changes to the packaging, which included the innovative and attractive airless pumps for our 50 ml products. This resulted in numerous calls from customers, who had become used to the jars and wanted to know about the reasons for this change. This was a positive move for Yin Yang, which is preserved without parabens, as these bottles prevent air from being introduced into the product, thus keeping it fresher, and preventing oxidation.  It is important therefore not to unscrew the top from the base but some, who could not resist it, discovered that the clever innovative bottle performs without a tube into the product.  This means that the product is drawn up from the bottom rather the top, keeping the sterile condition and whilst doing so provides a most attractive presentation.

Enjoy your Christmas and Very Best Wishes for a Good and Peaceful 2011

Christmas is a time for good cheer and good will and also time for relaxation, reflection and planning for the year ahead. It is a celebration, which is often much needed in the midst of the darkness of winter, so have an enjoyable and peaceful time with your families and friends and I look forward to helping you with your telephone orders and questions throughout 2011.