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Due to a change in hormones I have in the last year or so, I started to get a lot more breakouts that take a long time to go away and leave discolorations..

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Review of Yin Yang's Rose Essential Gift Set by Wylde Magazine.

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Review of Yin Yang's Rich Skin Food by Beauty and the Science Geeks.

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Presented by Yin Yang Skincare buffs Olympia and Ella, the video tutorial offers viewers a step by step guide to their personal three stage cleansing regimes. Depending on individual preferences viewers can choose to follow two slightly different routines. Olympia takes a quick and easy approach, gently rubbing the Essential Range Cleanser into the skin to dissolve makeup. Using a damp pad or tissue makeup can then be wiped off in a matter of seconds. Ella swears by the divinely scented Rose Cleanser, a product thatís formulated especially for sensitive complexions. Rose and geranium essential oils actively help to improve the skinís texture and act as an elixir of youth. For ladies that love to pile on the makeup Ella suggests a double cleanse to ensure every trace is removed.

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