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    "Softly does it. Prevent the onset of dry winter skin with Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser" - October 2009

Natural Moisturiser 60ml
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Natural Moisturiser 60ml

Light - is the word that best describes Yin Yang Natural moisturiser. A delicate emulsion of spring water, coconut oil, witch hazel and Essential Oil of Sweet Orange, pH balanced around 5.0

This light fresh botanical cream is suitable for all age groups, and skin types.



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This simple but effective moisturiser is based on essential oil of orange, witch hazel, organic cider vinegar, spring water and organic coconut oil. It provides protection from dryness, skin sagging and age spots.

The notes of sweet orange provide this cream with a delicious scent and the lightest feel on the skin. Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, except oily and acne prone skins. It is to be used daily as a moisturiser and makes a perfect foundation for make-up.

The following ingredients are in Yin Yang Skincare Natural Moisturiser.

acidophilus Acidophilus Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Coconut Oil Emulsifier Emulsifier
Essential Oil of Sweet Orange Essential Oil of Sweet Orange Parabens free preservative Parabens free preservative
Water Water Witch Hazel Witch Hazel

Use as part of daily skincare routine to hydrate and protect the skin throughout the day. Light and quickly absorbed, Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser is ideal for use under makeup. Notes of Sweet Orange, derived from the essential oil of that fruit, provide this cream with a delicate citrus fragrance. Include as part of skincare routine with Skin Cleanser and Orange Flower Tonic. Always patch test before use.

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