Our Science

Natural Bio-Chemistry

The formulation of skincare products that work in harmony with the skin’s natural bio-chemistry is not so much an art as a science. It requires a thorough understanding of the skin’s anatomy, physiology and chemistry. And while the process of creating lovely effective emulsions from spring water and plant oils & proteins may seem like alchemy – it requires the skills of a chemist and the knowledge of a botanist.

The founder of Yin Yang Skincare, Katie May, has had a lifelong interest, and respect for science. The first phase of her career was spent with the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Farnborough where the Olympus 593 engines that powered Concorde were being tested. When the test & development programme for this great Anglo-French aircraft drew to a close, Katie went into the food sector and began working on fermentation techniques for utilizing plant proteins. This was to become a consuming interest for Katie and she devoted herself to the study of enhancing the nutritional profile of soya protein with fermentation processes. It was in the course of this work that Katie realised that these products also had value for topical preparations.

Science continues to be a significant influence on the development and character of Yin Yang’s skincare range of products. Although Katie May has been working with different skin types and different skin problems for over 40 years, she likes to take reference from one of the World’s leading experts on this critical organ. Professor Desmond Tobin [a member of the Yin Yang Scientific Advisory Panel] is an internationally renowned cell biologist and authority on the skin’s barrier function – after all that is one of the skin’s most important functions: to stop things getting from the surface to the tissues below. If a product is to be effective – we need to know exactly how it will perform on the skin’s different layers, and importantly if the active ingredients can penetrate the dead upper layer of skin cells – the epidermis.

Because healthy skin is always beautiful skin, the support of skin health has been central to the product focus of Yin Yang from our beginning in 1973. Some "wisdoms" are timeless – like the importance of diet for overall health – but medical science is constantly revealing more about how our bodies work. As a skin care supplier – we believe it is important to have a skin health expert available for reference and we are fortunate to have Dr Alison Layton – a senior consultant dermatologist and specialist in acne and rosacea – also on our Scientific Advisory Panel.

The care and the health of the skin cannot be disassociated from the care and the health of the whole body of course, and the science of general health and the science of nutrition [one of the principal factors in a person’s general health], must also be considered. Dr Sarah Brewer a GP and nutritionist, provides the holistic vision of health & nutritional science for Yin Yang.

Yin Yang has been providing lovely effective skincare products for over 40 years – because we work to understand the biology of the skin and the chemistry of formulation.