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    "Feng Shui your beauty regime with Yin Yang Rich Skin Food." - June 2010

Rich Skin Food 50ml
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Rich Skin Food 50ml

A light facial cream to be used as a daily moisturiser and a replenishing night cream for fine sensitive skin.

Rich Skin Food was formulated for the skincare routines of those with demanding lifestyles. It is a cream that puts the vitality back into skin that regularly endures the candle being burned from both ends! Light enough to be used as a daily moisturiser, yet nutritious and repairing, it will support skin stressed by even the most demanding lifestyle.

Formulated around Yin Yang's signature botanical protein base and enriched with Wheat Germ Oil for anti- oxidant Vitamin E, plus carrot seed oil for its rich source of skin rejuvenating Carotol, Rich Skin Food also includes protective Coconut Oil and Zinc PCA for support of collagen. Essential oils of Sweet Orange and Geranium complement this moisturising skin food with a warm and sensuous fragrance.



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Yin Yang’s botanical protein formula is derived from organic soya flour, gently fermented to release the full amino acid pattern found in human skin, and isoflavones for skin quality. Zinc PCA plays an important part in this replenishing cream for its role in tissue repair and in support of healthy collagen synthesis.

A product from Yin Yang’s Skin Replenish Range, Rich Skin Food was formulated to support skin stressed by demanding modern lifestyles with this combination of botanical and mineral ingredients which are known to be supportive of healthy beautiful skin. It should form a central part of the skincare routine of those with demanding lifestyles as it is light enough to be used as a daily moisturiser, yet able to support healthy glowing skin under even the most stressful conditions.,/p>

The following ingredients are in Yin Yang Skincare Rich Skin Food.

acidophilus Acidophilus Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Coconut Oil Emulsifier Emulsifier
Essential Oil of Carrot Seed Essential Oil of Carrot Seed Geranium Oil Geranium Oil
Soya Soya Water Water
 Wheatgerm Oil  Wheatgerm Oil  Zinc  Zinc

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