A Woman’s Right to Choose

A woman’s right to choose... this has been a cornerstone of the feminist movement in Western societes since the 1960’s.  Usually associated with concepts that were at first considered “permissive”, taking the Pill, going topless, having abortions…women demanded the right to determine their own lives and values.

Burka, Burkini, & Crucifix

The secular state however does not seem inclined to allow women the same rights of choice when it comes to the issue of expressing religious beliefs. Last year in the UK there was some small outcry when an airline worker was suspended from her work because of her insistence on wearing a crucifix, and now the French authorities have banned the use of a “burkini” - a loose fitting garment to cover the body when swimming - by a French Muslim woman. The burka has already come under attack in France. The latest row is somewhat ironic when only a few weeks ago Skin Science Reporter was reporting on the decision by some French authorities to ban topless bathing in municipal pools. In the manner of Goldilocks the French establishment appears to not like too little or too much - how is a French girl to know? Must she go to the town hall to find out what the protocol is for bathing costumes? (Tell us what you think.)

Importance of Vitamin D

Religious beliefs are personal and not a matter for the state, and the choice to wear a crucifix or a “burkini” is surely only the business of the person involved? All Yin Yang would say is “ladies be sensible about bathing costumes” - “too much sun can be damaging for the skin, and too little can result in Vitamin D deficiency”. Some of our skin needs to be touched by sunlight so that our bodies can manufacture the necessary amounts of Vitamin D for good overall health.