Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream

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Yin Yang Scalp Cream contains tincture of organic and bio-dynamic Nettles and Zinc in an emulsion of Organic Soya Protein, Coconut Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, delicately fragranced with Essential Oil of Limes. Nettle has a tradition for being used for scalp conditions, either as a wash or a rub in cream, while Zinc has been shown to be an effective agent in the recovery of skin affected by dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

The rich supply of amino acids released by the gentle fermentation of Organic Soya Protein, combined with the mineral & vitamin high Organic Nettles, provides a nourishing gentle cream to support the healthy functioning of the scalp and the hair follicles. Essential Oil of Lime lends a lovely fresh light fragrance to this pH balanced cream. The important microflora of bacteria that naturally inhabit our skin and keep it healthy have been shown to be most comfortable with a pH of circa 5.0. Shampoos and tap water typically have a pH of 8.0 or higher, at which level these important aspects of the skin defence mechanism are weakened. For scalps troubled by dandruff and other skin conditions, maintaining an optimal pH is very important.

Lime Oil has long been considered to be an aid to blood circulation, so important for a healthy scalp. Organic and bio-dynamically grown Nettles, rich in vitamins and minerals, have been recognised traditionally as having a stimulating and cleansing effect on the skin. This has encouraged their use for many types of skin condition and it has supported a reputation for encouraging good hair growth.

The following ingredients are in Yin Yang Skincare Skin Cleanser.

acidophilus Acidophilus Coconut Oil Coconut Oil
Essential Oil of Lime Essential Oil of Lime Emulsifier Emulsifier
Soya Soya Parabens free preservative Parabens free preservative
Water Water Stinging Nettles Stinging Nettles
Wheatgerm Oil Wheatgerm Oil Zinc Zinc
Massage in with fingertips to dry and congested areas of the scalp trying to avoid the hair. Continue until scalp is smooth. Extract of fresh Stinging Nettles, rich in vitamins and minerals, combines with plant proteins and Zinc PCA to support healthy scalp function if prone to dandruff, eczema or scalp spots. Always patch test before use.

"Yin Yang Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream is pH balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals to treat dandruff and stimulate circulation" - April 2010
"..perfect for soothing sunburn" - July 2009