Pure Botanical Ingredients

Yin Yang Skincare products are formulated with pure botanical ingredients, often organically produced, and naturally occurring minerals. Since we began manufacturing skincare products in 1973, Yin Yang has refused to use chemical additives, colourants or artificial fragrances. We use only preservative systems that are free of parabens and other controversial chemical components..

With over 40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing botanical skincare products, we invite you to try Yin Yang's light and delicate emulsions of pure spring water, fragrant essential oils, and nourishing plant oils & proteins, which simultaneously nourish and hydrate the skin.


Our customers have been using Yin Yang Skincare products for over 40 years, but we continue to adhere to stringent safety procedures in formulating and manufacturing our products. Yin Yang formulations are checked for their safety of use prior to manufacture by a firm of consultant chemists, and thereafter all products are tested for freedom from microbial activity and for their ability to withstand microbial invasion under normal usage patterns.