About Us

Organic Skin Care Products

Yin Yang Skincare was born in 1973 when Katie May formulated a range of plant based natural skincare products, free of chemical additives, and often using organic botanical ingredients, that were designed to work with the skin's own systems of renewal and defence. Pure skincare, effective skincare and affordable skincare - the three principal qualities of our natural skincare products for over 40 years. Launched at Cranks iconic "green" store and restaurant on Carnaby Street, London in 1973, Yin Yang Skincare quickly became the natural skin care range of choice for the early advocates of chemical free botanical products. But why Yin Yang?

Yin Yang Balance & Perfection

Yin Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophical explanation for the perfection of the Universe and all the myriad life within it. Yin and Yang are explained as two great opposing, but complementary forces, that maintain balance and perfection in all things by their continual and equal struggle for dominance: neither one ever prevails and over time one changes into the other, like day into night and night into day.

Natural Skincare Products

Human skin is in a constant process of renewal as young fresh cells from the dermis migrate up to the surface epidermal layer to flatten, harden and finally peel off, and all the while the skin is being challenged by hostile external forces ranging from the weather to pollution and man-made chemicals. From the very start, Yin Yang Skincare products have been formulated to nourish & hydrate the skin, and to help maintain & restore the critical balances of acidity and microfloral cover that keep the skin looking healthy and beautiful. Because acidification is important for the maintenance of the skin's barrier function, all Yin Yang skincare products have a pH value of 4.5 – 5.0 which is perfect for the health of the skin’s protective microflora. This so called “acid mantle” is the first line of defence for the skin and the body beneath.

Yin Yang Skincare for Your Daily Skincare Routine

Today you will find Yin Yang Skincare products in stores across the UK which offer natural, organic and health focused product lines. Fragranced with subtle essential oils of citrus and aromatic plants, our delicate creams and refreshing sprays, have been designed to be part of your Essential Skincare Routine.