Water is a critical nutrient for all life forms, an integral part of the body’s entire bio-chemistry.

One half to three quarters of the body’s weight is represented by water. It is vital for keeping all the body’s functions in good order. This ingredient is therefore, no less important than all the others in the daily routine to achieve optimum skin condition throughout the whole of life.


Frankincense essential oil has a fresh, woody, spicy, balsamic aroma with a citrus top note. It is extracted from the resin that is produced by the Boswellia carteri tree.

Frankincense essential oil has a rejuvenating, balancing and healing action on the skin and is particularly helpful for mature skin, wrinkles, scars and combination skin. It has strong meditative powers and anti-depressant qualities and can help relieve nervous agitation, palpitations and feelings of panic.


A glucose based food grade emulsifier.

To emulsify the oils with water and provide a light sophisticated product.

Essential Oil of Lime

Citrus Aurantifolia Oil is the volatile oil obtained from the fruits of Citrus aurantifolia (lime), Rutaceae. Naturalised in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world, it is mainly cultivated in Florida and the West Indies. The principal constituent is limonene.

Lime oil has been considered traditionally to have anti-rheumatic activity, to be an aid to improving circulation. It has cleansing and conditioning properties and is a real tonic.


Neroli essential oil is extracted from the fragrant white blossom of the Bitter Orange tree. It is produced in many countries but the oils from France and Tunisia are considered by many to be of the highest quality.

Neroli essential oil has a light, sweet-floral fragrance, with a terpeny top note. It is a popular ingredient in skincare, having a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types and problem skin conditions, particularly oily skin. Neroli is a relaxing oil and is beneficial for nervous conditions such as stress, depression, fear, anxiety and insomnia.

Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil is the volatile oil obtained by expression from the fresh peel of the ripe fruit of the sweet orange, Citrus aurantium var. dulcis, Rutaceae. An evergreen tree, smaller than the bitter variety, it is native to China but now mainly produced in California, Florida and the Mediterranean.

Its principal constituent is limonene (90%)and the oil is produced by the expression of the peel. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and, despite its refreshing fragrance, sweet orange essential oilis relaxing and can even have a sedative effect. It also soothes the digestive tract. Sweet Orange Oil is useful as an astringent and a tonic. It has a mildly acidic pH, making it ideal for skin care. And it lends a natural, healthy, clean fragrance to our products.


Bergamot oil is made from the fruit of a small tree native to Morocco and parts of Asia. Its name however comes from a small town in Italy called Bergamo where the oil was first sold.

Bergamot has a citrus aroma that is both fruity and sweet, with a warm, spicy, floral quality. It has antiseptic properties which are beneficial for wounds and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Bergamot is a useful antidepressant and good for nervous anxiety tension.

Essential Oil of Grapefruit

All members of the Citrus family originated in South East Asia, but Grapefruit is thought to have been the result of a hybridisation between two citrus (orange & pomelo) in the West Indies.

The oil is now widely produced in California, but Yin Yang sources its oil from Dominica in the West Indies, where the fruit may possibly have originated. Dominican grapefruit are very sweet and the oil is very rich in Vitamin C - a valuable protection against infection. Principal constituents are Limonene (90 per cent), cadinene, paradisiol, neral geraniol, citronellel with esters. Traditionally used to tone the skin tissues, relieve muscle fatigue and water retention, this tropically grown oil adds a fresh exotic note to Tropical Lily Body Cream.

Sweet Orange

Citrus sinensis Oil is the volatile oil obtained by expression from the fresh peel of the ripe fruit of the sweet orange, Citrus aurantium var. dulcis, Rutaceae. An evergreen tree, smaller than the bitter variety, it is native to China but now mainly produced in California, Florida and the Mediterranean.

Its principal constituent is limonene (90%)and the oil is produced by the expression of the peel. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and, despite its refreshing fragrance, sweet orange essential oilis relaxing and can even have a sedative effect. It also soothes the digestive tract. Sweet Orange Oil is useful as an astringent and a tonic. It has a mildly acidic pH, making it ideal for skin care. And it lends a natural, healthy, clean fragrance to our products.

Coconut Oil

Cocos nucifera Oil is the fixed oil extracted from the dried endosperm of Cocos nucifera, Palmae. Coconut oil is edible and is also recognised, particularly in the Tropics where it is grown, for its topical applications.

It makes a highly effective “carrier” oil in Yin Yang Skincare products, thus eliminating the need to use harsh petrol derivatives. Coconut oil is also recognised as helping to form a barrier to ward off infections, for relief of dry skin, for the prevention of skin sagging, wrinkling & age spots, and it also helps to protect the skin from sun damage.


Native to Pakistan, Indonesia in and India and cultivated Brazil, the Comoro Islands, Africa and Madagascar, Palmarosa is a tall, herbaceous grass with long stems, aromatic leaves and flowering tops. Palmarosa essential oil is steam-distilled from the fresh or dried grass which is harvested before the plant flowers.

Palmarosa has a sweet, rosy floral aroma with lemony, rose-geranium undertones. It is a popular skincare ingredient, helping to hydrate the skin, balance sebum levels and regenerate healthy new cells. It is suitable for all skin types but is particularly helpful for dry and damaged skin. Palmarosa is a good digestive stimulant and helps fight fever and fatigue. Palmarosa helps calm the mind, has an uplifting effect and is beneficial for stress and anxiety.

Essential Oil of Carrot Seed

Daucus Sativa Oil is the oil obtained from the seed of the carrot, Daucus carota sativa, Umbelliferae.

Carrot seed essential oil is rich in carotol and asarone. These are components which have a woody fragrance and provide a delicate balance to our skin care products.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

(AN ORGANIC DERIVATIVE OF SULPHUR) MSM belongs to a family of compounds that are abundant in the food chain. Nutritious compounds provide sulphur in bio-available form to some 85% of living organisms.

The fourth most abundant mineral in the body, sulphur plays an important role in integrity of the connective tissues and the mobility of muscles and joints. It is also concentrated in skin, hair and nails and it is an integral part of the amino acids, cysteine and methionine.

Wild Yam

Dioscorea villosa Extract is an extract of the rhizomes of the wild yam, Dioscorea villosa, Dioscoreaceae. Dioscorea Villosa, Wild Yam, is an herbaceous twining perennial plant common to the mainland of China, Mexico, and parts of the United States. Wild yam grows in damp woodlands and is harvested in autumn, dried and is generally extracted in alcohol to form a tincture, or taken as an infusion in hot water. There has been considerable uninformed reporting about the possible properties and action of Wild Yam, specifically that it is capable of being converted into, or mimicking, the human hormone progesterone. No scientific evidence exists for this and indeed it is considered improbable that the phytosterols present in the plant (diosgenin precursors dioscin and discorin) can be converted into this hormone by the human body. However traditional usage suggests that the plant has the effect of boosting energy levels when taken orally and in topically applied cream, which could be due to the presence of the alkaloid discorine.

Yin Yang uses “Wild Crafted” Wild Yam in tincture form, combined in an emulsification of wheat germ and soya protein. Katie May made the cream for her own use, when she experienced energy loss as a result of hormonal fluctuations. The secret got out and this cream became a popular natural booster during periods of PMT, post natal blues or during and after menopause.


The Eucalyptus tree is a tall, evergreen tree with pointed, bluey-green leaves that are extremely aromatic. The essential oil is steam distilled from the tree’s leaves and twigs and slightly camphoraeceous, sweet and fruity aroma.

Eucalyptus is a rich, pungent, antiseptic essential oil that has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It feels cool to the skin but has a warming effect on the muscles. It is also a mentally and physically stimulating essential oil that can be helpful for fatigue related conditions. It is a popular essential oil in winter time and can be beneficial for coughs, colds and flu.

Parabens free preservative

The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, is over 70% water. To keep it in optimum condition, the good active ingredients in Yin Yang Skincare products need varying percentages of water to do the job for which they are intended: cleansing, toning, moisturising or nourishing & protecting.

Once oils and water are introduced to each other, the product is at risk of becoming unstable and susceptible to microbial contamination. Yin Yang uses this natural glucose based preservative, which is plant based and parabens free.


Glycine Soja Protein is a protein obtained from the soybean, Glycine soja, Leguminosae. Soya is a bean native to East Asia, best known for its high protein content.

Soya beans contain amino acids, fatty acids, phospholipids and saponins as well as vitamins & minerals including calcium, iron, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and Zinc. Although a plant, soya bean contains all the amino acids found in human tissue, including those responsible for regular skin cell renewal. Human skin renews itself completely over a 21 day average cycle, making a rich supply of amino acids potentially beneficial for this process of renewal. Good nutrition is essential for the integrity of this renewed skin. Soya also contains a group of phyto-oestrogens known as isoflavones. Isoflavones are found in beans and pulses, particularly soya beans and soy products. Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring, oestrogen-like compounds derived from plants. For many years there has been a growing swell of interest into the possible effects of phytoestrogens as an alternative therapy for relief of menopausal symptoms. Soy has a natural skin smoothing and protecting effect.

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana Water is the aqueous solution of the odoriferous principles of the flowers of Hamamelis virginiana, Hamamelidaceae. The name is derived from the two Greek words hama (at the same time) and melis (fruit) because it flowers and fruits at the same time. The fruits are maturing on last years flowers.

Witch hazel extract contains tannins, flavonoids and catechins, and has natural anti-oxidant activity. It has soothing and astringent qualities and is also used to condition the skin and the hair. Application causes tightening of the proteins in the skin and across the surface of abrasions, producing a protective covering which increases resistance to inflammation and promotes healing of broken skin. Witch Hazel is useful for inflamed/tender skin and helps prevent infection. It is valuable for damaged facial veins, varicose veins, and an effective bruise remedy. Witch Hazel helps tighten distended veins and restores normal structure. It has a long tradition amongst the native people of North America for relieving bruising and aching muscles. Witch Hazel is very soothing to the skin and is particularly useful to relieve eye strain and support the fine tissues around the eyes.

St Johns Wort


Juniper, native to Europe, is an evergreen green shrub with bluey-green, needle-shaped leaves. The female tree produces a blue/black berry from which the Juniper essential oil is steam-distilled.

Juniperberry essential oil can help reduce inflammation and be beneficial for acne, eczema, oily skin, weeping eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. It is a calming oil that helps soothe stress related symptoms. It is believed to have a detoxing effect on the mind and body, soothes stress or hormone related bloating and over indulgence in food and alcohol


Kaolinite is a clay mineral.Rocks that are rich in kaolinite are known as china clay or kaolin. It is a soft, earthy, usually white mineral produced by the chemical weathering of aluminium silicate minerals like feldspar. In many parts of the world, it is coloured pink-orange-red by iron oxide, giving it a distinct rust hue.

Kaolin clay is very good at balancing the natural oil and sebum levels within the skin, without being too drying. Kaolin is also naturally skin smoothing and will refine your skin tone.


Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of several bacteria in the genus Lactobacillus. This bacterium thrives in more acidic environments than most related microorganisms.

Essential Oil of Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia Oil is the volatile oil obtained from the flowers of Lavandula officinalis, Labiatae. Lavender has a well-established tradition as a folk remedy.

Traditionally it is considered to have analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic, & antiseptic properties. In aromatherapy it is used for allergies, eczema, psoriasis and stings. Lavender suits all skin types and is an extremely “comforting and reassuring” herb.It is one of the few essential oils fully recommended and safe for pregnant women and children to use.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples are a source of Vitamin C, glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Vitamin C has important anti-oxidant functions. Apples have been traditionally used as poultices to calm inflammation and purify the skin. Apple cider vinegar has a soft natural mildly acid pH to support the protective acid mantle that keeps skin youthful and healthy.


MSM is a naturally occurring sulphur compound and component of many foods. It is to be found in the normal diets of humans and almost all other vertebrates. MSM belongs to a family of compounds that are abundant in the food chains of terrestrial and ocean life. The sulphur cycle begins in the World’s oceans, where algae and phytoplankton release sulphur compounds in the form of salts. These salts transform in the marine environment into a highly volatile compound known as dimethyl sulphide (DMS). This is the major natural source of sulphur in the atmosphere. Once DMS escapes the oceans into the World’s atmosphere, it is converted into either DMSO or MSM in the presence of ozone and high energy ultraviolet light. MSM is the primary, oxidised metabolite of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO).The two compounds are widely distributed in nature, being present in small quantities in various fruits, vegetables, grains and milk. Milk is the most abundant known source of dietary MSM, containing approximately 3.3 parts per million.

Sulphur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body -(Calcium /phosphorous/potassium/sulphur). A 70kg human body contains approximately 0.8% or some 200 grams of elemental sulphur. It is absorbed as inorganic sulphur or in the sulphur bearing amino acids, cysteine and methionine.Sulphur is a major component of connective tissue – such as skin and cartilage. Sulphur strengthens connective tissue by forming cross-linkages known as disulfide bonds. Cartilage integrity is a sulphur dependent state. Sulphur also combines with other enzymes and amino acids such as glutathione, one of the most important intracellular antioxidants in the human body. It is thought that sulphur may play a role in the control of inflammation.

Geranium Oil

Pelargonium Graveolens Oil is the volatile oil obtained from Pelargonium graveolens, Geraniaceae. Grown for aromatherapy mostly in Egypt or Russia, geranium oil has long been traditionally used for skin conditions and for relaxing the mind.

Non toxic and non irritant, the principal constituents are Citronellol, geraniol, linalol,citronellyl formate and p-menthone. Pelargonium Graveolens Oil is used for its fragrance and is a tonic. Traditionally used in skin care for mosquito repellant, wounds and ulcers, they are also highly regarded by aromatherapists for menopausal problems and PMT. A beautiful floral fragrant oil.

Avocado Oil

Black Pepper

Black Pepper essential oil is extracted from the plant Piper Nigrum of the Piperaceae family. The oil is made from the unripe red fruit of the plant and it has a strong, sharp, spicy aroma.

Black Pepper is used for its tonic effect on the muscles and joints and for its uplifting effect on the mind. This warming, spicy essential oil is ideal for use after sport to relieve sore muscles and fatigue. It can also help relieve the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism.


Patchouli is an aromatic, perennial shrub with large green, furry leaves and white-pink flowers and is native to Malaysia and India. The essential oil is steam distilled from the dried, fermented, young leaves of the Patchouli plant.

Patchouli is excellent in skincare and helps to regenerate healthy new skin cells, heal wounds and reduce scarring. It is also good for rough, cracked and dehydrated skin. It helps to reduce inflammation and is beneficial for dermatitis, acne, eczema, sores, ulcers, fungal infections and scalp disorders such as dandruff. Patchouli is soothing and beneficial for treating stress, depression and anxiety.

Apricot Oil

Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) is the most widely used carrier oil, suitable for all skin types.

It is odourless, non sticky and deeply hydrating oil which makes it ideal for use as a massage oil or a simple body moisturiser. It is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or mature skin. It has a neutral odour and penetrates most skin types including dry and damaged skin with no sensitisation. It is high in B vitamins and beneficial minerals including zinc, plant proteins and essential fatty acids which support the repair and maintenance of optimum skin health.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is made up of Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), Niacin, Cobalamin (B12), Folic acid, Panthenic acid (provitamin B5). Together they support the immune and nervous systems and are absorbed through the skin.

Vitamin B6 has a demonstrated role in keeping skin healthy. It is found in proteins and also in potatoes, brown rice, nuts, soya and wholegrain cereals.


Rosemary essential oil has a strong, fresh, camphor-like aroma with a woody, balsamic undertone and is steam distilled from the aromatic Rosemary shrub which has scaly bark, dense, leathery, needle-like leaves and tiny pale blue flowers.

Rosemary essential oil can be used to stimulate hair growth, improve shine and condition of the hair and promote a healthier scalp. It has an energising effect and can be used to aid concentration. It is also popular in winter time for respiratory problems. Rosemary helps stimulate the brain and can help with fatigue, lack of concentration and poor memory.


Native to tropical Asia, Sandalwood is a small tree with grey bark, leathery leaves and pinky-purple flowers. India is the main producer of Sandalwood essential oil which is steam distilled from the powdered heartwood and major roots. Overharvesting and deforestation have led to a serious decline in wild Sandalwood and because of the threat of extinction the production of this oil is very well controlled. The Indian government now only permits the harvesting of mature trees that are approaching the end of their long lives and all of their essential oil is certified with the 'Agmark' seal which also ensures product quality and purity. This Sandalwood essential oil comes with the Indian Government’s Agmark Seal which guarantees product quality and purity and certifies that the oil is only harvested from mature trees that are approaching the end of their lives.

Sandalwood essential oil is excellent for all skin types, helping to balance, soothe and hydrate. It can help relieve itchy or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and its astringent effect is also beneficial for oily skin. It has a harmonising and calming effect, helping to calm and soothe nerves, irritability, stress, anxiety and nervous tension.


Soapwort (sometimes known as Bouncing Bet) is a perennial herb, native to Europe and western Asia.

This is a herb which has traditionally been used for cleaning, because of its high saponin content and its gentle lathering properties. It cleans thoroughly, despite not having the foaming agents of modern detergents, and has the advantage of doing so without stripping the natural oils and moisture of the skin and hair.

Sea Weed

It is said that seaweeds contain more vitamins & minerals than any other plants; a diverse range of seaweeds are used in skin care products.

We use seaweed for its natural gelling properties.


Thyme grows in abundance throughout southern Europe. The stems of the plant reach to about eight inches, bearing small greenish grey leaves and white or purple/pink flowers.

Thyme has a sweet and strongly herbal fragrance which is easily recognisable. It is considered to be beneficial to oily skin and helpful in the treatment of arthritis, colds, cuts, dermatitis, flu, insect bites, muscle aches and poor circulation.

Wheatgerm Oil

Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil is the oil obtained from the expression or extraction of wheat germ (Triticum vulgare, Gramineae). It consists primarily of the glycerides of the fatty acids. Wheatgerm oil is a very rich source of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, is thought to have an important role in retarding cellular aging, thus is an aid in keeping skin looking young and healthy. Wheat germ oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel, which makes up only 2½% by weight.

Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettle is found growing wild on nitrogen rich soils, throughout temperate regions of the world and is rich in vitamins and minerals. 20-25% of nettle extracts comprise amines – histamine for example. Histamine is very good for calming inflamed skin and nettle extracts have a particularly calming effect on the skin.

Nettle Extract has been traditionally used for health and well being for many centuries. It has also been well regarded for skin cleansing, reducing acne and eczema and most significantly promoting hair re-growth. It has been described as cleansing and detoxifying, stimulating and astringent.


Zinc, a ubiquitous trace element found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms, was first demonstrated to be an essential component of the human diet in the 1960s.

Zinc has been described as the body’s “traffic policeman” directing and overseeing the efficient flow of the body processes and the maintenance of enzyme systems. Zinc is a component of more than 70 different enzymes that function in almost every aspect of cellular metabolism. The zinc molecule in zinc containing enzymes was found to act as an antioxidant and protect specific regions of the enzyme from free radical attack, thus preserving its stability and activity. It is abundant in wheat germ. An important element in maintaining healthy skin.