Yin Yang Skincare Botanical Products

Yin Yang Skincare botanical products are formulated to work with the skin, by maintaining and restoring the skin's protective acid mantle. Acidification is important for the maintenance of the skin's barrier function. The ecology of the normal healthy microflora that inhabit the skin is determined by the presence of moisture, oils and the gaseous environment of the skin.

Experts in Skin Science & Health

To ensure that our natural skincare products remain amongst the most effective in the market we seek scientific and medical advice from leading experts in skin science and health. For advice about the skin's bio-chemistry & physiology we are supported by leading cell biologist, Professor Desmond Tobin of Bradford University – an international authority on the skin’s barrier function. Dr Alison Layton, Consultant Dermatologist for Harrogate & North Yorkshire NHS Trust provides advice about common dermatological conditions including acne and rosacea. Dr Layton is a member of the European Expert Panel for Acne and the Global Alliance Steering Group for Acne. Dr Sarah Brewer - a renowned doctor and nutritionist provides expert opinion on the interdependence of the skin and whole body health.

Skin Health & pH

To remain in peak condition it appears that the skin requires a pH of around 5.0 or slightly lower: at pH 4.0-4.5 resident skin bacterial flora have been shown to remain securely attached to the skin surface, whereas these detach from the skin at pH 8-9, which is typical of European tap water and many shampoos and soaps.