Your Skin Our Science

Since 1973 Yin Yang has been at the forefront of botanical science in skincare. Our exclusive fermentation technology for releasing skin enhancing botanical enzymes and proteins from plant ingredients has produced a unique family of effective skincare products. That is why customers have trusted their skin to our science for nearly 40 years.

Yin Yang Skincare products are formulated with pure botanical ingredients & minerals known to be important for skin health. Our natural skincare products are designed to support & work with the skin’s own defensive & regenerative biochemistry. This focus on care of the skin & skin health has been central to our product philosophy since we began in 1973.

Natural Skin Care

Yin Yang Skincare products contain no chemicals, no petroleum derivatives and no parabens preservatives – just pure botanical oils and proteins to support the fine biochemical balances essential for healthy skin.

Nature has provided our skin with an acidic mantle. We would do well to protect this crucial aspect of skin health by avoiding exposure to common daily stressors like harsh alkaline soaps and solvents. Personal care strategies that add back some acid tonic may well help us maintain more optimum skin surface health.

Professor Desmond Tobin, Cell Biologist – Bradford University.