Yin Yang Naturally Balanced Skincare Born in 1973

From launch with the iconic "green" restaurant and store group Cranks, in 1973, Yin Yang was soon available across the UK in health focused retail outlets as diverse as Holland & Barrett and leading pharmacy John Bell & Croyden. The success of the skincare range was not confined to the UK, the brand became popular on the West Coast of the USA, following stocking by the doyenne of the organic movement, Sandy Gooch, whose stores were ultimately incorporated into Whole Foods Market Inc.

New Skincare and Therapeutic Products Developed

Success in the 1970s and 1980s was followed by a period of retrenchment through the 1990s and into this decade, as founder and formulator Katie May focused on product technology, especially in the use of herbs and minerals. From this period came a range of "therapeutic" products - outside the skincare segment, including Joint Cream with MSM, Wild Yam Cream, and Yin Yang Scalp Cream with nettles and zinc. But there were also exciting new skincare products too, including Yin Yang Rich Skin Food, a moisturising, nourishing cream strengthened with zinc and carrot seed oil to aid repair of scar tissue and skin damaged by weather & other environmental factors. In 2007 Katie brought in additional investors with the objective of re-establishing the enhanced range of botanical, effective and affordable skincare in leading health and beauty focused outlets across the UK.