Testimonials for Yin Yang Skincare

I don’t know if this is feasible but it seems that since using this on my aching muscles my blood pressure which was a little on the high side, has dropped to normal and remained so, to my doctor’s amazement.

E. L. Miller, Hove, East Sussex

I’m always very dubious about the benefits of various products one reads about in the press. However, in the new year, I developed arthritis in my right shoulder which then moved into my neck and unless I regularly popped painkillers, I was in continuous pain, but since using your cream the pain has very much diminished, as have the pain-killers, and I can now turn my head to the right again, which for a time was an impossibility. Therefore I feel a further jar of MSM CREAM could be a good investment.

Jacqueline Holmes, Leicester

Dear Sirs, I received my jar of MSM CREAM and I don’t know if it is my imagination as I’ve only been using the cream for 2 weeks – but my hands do feel SO much easier! I developed an arthritic joint in my left hand small finger which distorted so quickly and was extremely painful. To my horror one or two other fingers look as if they are going the same way. The doctor said hands (i.e. joints) were probably overworked and nothing could be done except to keep them “out of the garden”!! and to take double strength cod liver oil capsules – which I’ce done to no effect.

So I must say I am overjoyed at the pert response I have had so quickly – let’s hope continuing application will reduce the problem further! I do stage make-up paints, etc., so you can imagine how so upset I was to start developing this condition. Let’s hope MSM is my rescuer!!

Mrs. Judi Savarese, Reigate, Surrey

Mother and Father were in very poor shape when they started using MSM CREAM – the doctor thought that they might need a wheel chair. They are now walking and father is able to get in and drive the car.” I have not spoken to this lady myself – her daughter is benefitting from Yin Yang Face Mask too.

Carol Bracken, Wilts

Using it for hands (presumably for arthritis or pain) burning rashes on legs – applied the cream – the rashes no longer exist.

Mrs. Webb, Pewsey, Wilts

Dear Sirs, I should be most grateful if you would kindly forward me a further jar of Yin Yang Cream for which I enclose my cheque for £14-50. It is helping me with joint problems. Your earliest attention will be most appreciated.

Miss Dorothy L. Wilson, Finedon, Wellingborough, Northants

Dear Sir, I am writing to thank you for your “miracle” MSM CREAM. For several years my knees have gradually become very, very stiff – climbing stairs was very difficult as well as getting up from chairs. This was beginning to cause me some embarrassment in company. I have always enjoyed a sporting life and was beginning to think my days of activities were over. Since using MSM CREAM for just over a week all stiffness in my joints has disappeared. I am now looking forward to playing golf and swimming without pain, discomfort or ambarrassment. Many, many, thanks.

Ann Lumb, Wiltshire

Dear Yin Yang, I want to thank you for sending all the information. I also would like to say how grateful I am for the relief I got from using your MSM cream. I suffer from osteoarthritis and at the time of applying for the cream I could not put my foot to the ground – I have not been outdoors since two weeks before Christmas. But after using the cream after only four days I went for a little walk and in two weeks the pain had gone and I was walking almost normal. Thank you once again for helping me with my problem. I hope you continue with the success of making these creams to the standard that I have found.

Miss Ann Durose, Staffs

Thank you for new so far, thank you even more for the relief from pain via MSM CREAM. Your name and details have been passed to several friends/colleagues. It was interesting to her MSM CREAM mentioned by Mr. James Coburn, the film actor, in a recently televised interview; Mr. Cobern had been confined to a wheelchair because of rheumatoid arthritis and had followed a multi-faceted programme of alternative therpaies, one of which is MSM cream. He is now mobile and enjoyuing life regardless of the displaced joints in the hands.

You will receive further orders for the MSM CREAM as and when necessary. I shall not be without it.

Mr. S. Dyson, Honley Nurseries, Honley, Huddersfield

Very pleased – my psoriasis has cleared after 8 years – with no help from the doctors!!!

Mrs. Goodman, Grimsby, N.E.Lincs

Dear Katie May, Your recent newsletter prompted me to write a letter, Ive been meaning to send to you for sometime.

I have M.E. or to be precise C.F.S. I visited a healer who suggested – amongst other things – MSM CREAM for the muscle aches and pains which mostly affect my legs.

Not knowing how to use the cream at first I applied the cream everyday, thinking of giving the muscles a good “feed” of the active ingredients. The subsequent four jars I only used after exercise that usually gives me pain or before I knew that I would be doing quite a bit.

The results have been extraordinary. My muscles don’t feel nearly as weak or tired, nor do they ache or “burn” as before – there’s been a great improvement. I don’t see it as a cure but a great help in improving my muscle staring power. I have to be just as thoughtful on how much exercise I can do but feel greatly releived that I have found something that has moved me further on down the path of recovery. So thank you, Yours sincerely

Jenny Arthy (or Astly), Nr. Swindon