Skincare Ranges

Since 1973 we have been using pure plant oils, proteins and extracts to formulate gentle, but effective skincare products to maintain and support the skin's unique regenerative and defensive bio-chemistry: the surest way to enjoy lifelong healthy beautiful skin free from parabens, petroleum derivatives and detergents.

Skin Cleanser

Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is a balanced emulsion of spring water, coconut oil, Witch Hazel and essential oil of Sweet Orange. All the botanicals used are naturally mildly acidic and will strengthen the pH protective barrier of the skin.

It is a very thorough cleanser and is completely detergent free. Enriched with coconut oil which is full of fatty acids to balance the skin at a healthy mildly acid pH, it removes surface grime and deep seated impurities. This is an ideal basis for a good skincare routine, gently aiding dail exfoliation and boosting the skin's important acid mantle.

Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

Kaolin Face Mask

Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask is a deep cleansing mask made from Kaolin Clay with moisturising coconut oil and is delicately fragranced with essential oil of Sweet Orange.

Kaolin Clay is a naturally absorbent material which, when applied to the face and neck, gently draws impurities out of the skin, deeply cleansing, unblocking the pores and refreshing the complexion. A mineral earth, the texture of clay also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin, leaving it smoother and fresher. Kaolin combines with coconut oil, essential oil of Sweet Orange and apple cider vinegar to produce a deeply cleansing, toning and pH balanced face mask.

Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask can be used once every 7 to 14 days although, for skin troubled with acne, affected areas can be treated daily.

Orange Flower Tonic

Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic is a gentle combination of pure spring water and energetic ingredients and is a real tonic for all skin types.

It is a cool hydrating mist which combines the wonders of Witch Hazel with essential oils of Sweet Orange, Neroli and Geranium, to moisturise the skin and support the fine tissues around the eyes. Essential oils of Neroli and Geranium are traditionally used for sensitive skin to ease broken capillaries and slow the formation of lines.

Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic should always be used after cleansing and before moisturisng.

Natural Moisturiser

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser is a delicate emulsion of spring water, coconut oil, Witch Hazel and essential oil of Sweet Orange.

This light and quickly absorbed cream hydrates and protects the skin throughout the day. Witch Hazel smoothes fine lines and notes of Sweet Orange provide a delicate citrus fragrance.

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser is excellent for all but oily or acne-prone skin types.

Gold Defence Lotion

Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion is a superb moisturising lotion for face and body and is rich in Vitamin E for extra protection.

This ultra light, but robust lotion, is formulated with the oils of wheat germ and coconut, plus pure spring water, to keep the skin in good condition. It has been a popular skincare product for more than 3 decades.

Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion is ideal for all, including oily, skins as a daily moisturiser and can be used before applying make-up.

Rich Skin Food

Rich Skin Food is a light but nourishing rejuvenating skin treat. It is made with an emulsion of quality plant ingredients, which combine all the necessary essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins to maintain skin in top condition throughout life.

The ingredients include: coconut oil, with its naturally occurring essential fatty acids, to gently maintain the protective pH barrier WITHOUT the use of chemical acids; essential oil of carrot seed, which is one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin A; gently fermented organic soya protein to provide the 20 amino acids which are present in every cell of the body; as well as a number of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ oil enriches with Vitamin E. Zinc PCA is included to assist with tissue repair and protein synthesis.

Yin Yang Rich Skin Food is light enough to be used as a daily moisturiser, yet rich enough to keep skin in good healthy condition, important for everyone who wants to maintain glowing healthy skin.

Skin Renew

Yin Yang Skin Renew is an intricate combination of naturally occurring youth restoring vitamins, minerals, oils, jucies and proteins from plants, scientifically balanced at pH4.5 and subtly fragranced with essential oils of sweet orange and delicious geranium, traditionally used in aromatherapy to reduce wrinkling.

Here is a promise of new vitality for maturing skin. Four exceptional ingredients have been combined to re-establish the youthful skin tone: wheat germ oil with super anti-oxidant Vitamin E, fermented organic soya protein to provide cell regenerating amino acids and phyto oestrogens, Zinc-PCA to support healthy collagen and prevent wrinkle formation, plus essential oil of carrot seed to relase vitamin A and skin rejuvanating carotol.

Use once or twice daily after Yin Yang Skin Cleanser and Orange Flower Tonic, all over the face and neck. Skin Renew is easily absorbed and can be used under make-up to feed and moisturise the skin throughout the day and at night for skin repair.

Wild Yam & Soya Cream

Yin Yang Wild Yam & Soya Cream is formulated with energy boosting Wild Yam extract and soya protein from organic soya beans, gently fermented to releast amino acids and isoflavones, a group of phyto-oestrogens that are thought to be beneficial to women during and after the menopause.

The active ingredients are complemented with essential oil of Geranium - traditionally used in aromatherapy to smooth the effects of hormonal fluctuations - for its comforting and sensuous fragrance.

Yin Yang Wild Yam & Soya Cream was developed by Katie May as a lovely uplifting cream for her own use.

Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream

Yin Yang Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream is formulated for scalps troubled with dandruff and similar irritated and inflamed conditions.

It contains extract of Stinging Nettle, grown to organic standards under bio-dynamic principles, and Zinc PCA which supports the healing of damaged skin. An emulsion of softening oil of coconut and organic soya protein helps to nourish the skin and balance the acid mantle of the scalp.

Yin Yang Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream is delicately fragranced with essential oil of Limes, traditionally reputed to soothe inflammation.

Joint Cream with MSM

Yin Yang Joint Cream presents sulphur rich Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) in an emulsification of Vitamin E rich wheat germ oil, organic coconut oil and gently fermented soya protein. Coconut oil is moisturising and has an antiseptic function whilst fermented soya protein is rich in amino acids.

Scented with essential oil of Limes, this soothing and freshly fragranced cream offers support for healthy joints.