Katie's Letter -

April Newsletter

Spring is here

April is an exciting month in the herb garden and this year it is particularly advanced with the blue borage flowers out 2 to 3 months earlier than usual. Indeed, everything seems to be blue just now with the rosemary bushes, grape hyacinths, violas and some blue pansies all out together. Also in the South facing Mediterranean walled garden, we have been hosting butterflies and bees already.

Plant of the month - Organic Nettle

The stinging nettle is very welcome in various corners of the herb gardens, not only for its traditional health giving properties but because it is known to be resistant to disease and helps to encourage other plants to do the same. Over the centuries nettles have been used to make thread, cotton, velvet and paper. Cattle and poultry fed on some nettles give more milk and eggs than those whose diets have not been enriched. Nettle beer was a favourite country drink being a purifier of the blood and the digestive system. Nettles have been much appreciated for a number of troublesome ailments including rheumatism, gout and to improve virility but most significantly they are known for cleaning the skin, reducing acne and eczema and helping the hair to grow. This has all derived because this, sometimes despised plant is nutritionally very valuable because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. We can never forget that our earth is a great provider.

Product of the month – Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream

Healthy hair is born from abundant protein, which nourishes the hair follicles. So we have made our scalp cream by incorporating the organic nettle and zinc into our Yin Yang special protein. Hair and scalp problems are either created by too little or too much hair. Thick hair traps the scalp’s dead skin cells and protein, which creates scaly and inflamed spotty patches. This cream will remove these problems. It should be taken on the finger-tip avoiding the hair and going straight to the inflammation to gently massage the affected area of the scalp. If you have male pattern baldness it is much easier to remove the dead skin cells (dry skin that blocks the follicles) from the Scalp by using a good quality (detergent free shampoo) or the Yin Yang Skin Cleanser. It is then possible to massage the Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream into the scalp to feed and stimulate the follicles.

April is the month for pampering

Over the years I have noticed that April brings an increased interest in personal care. There is usually a boost in sales of Skin Cleanser, Orange Flower Skin Tonic and Kaolin Mask. I feel that this is caused by the spring in the air and step, with the promise of warmer days and holidays ahead. It is an especially good time to book a professional facial or massage and to use your Yin Yang Skin Care routine between salon visits.