Avalon Health & Beauty Spa – Island of Retreat In West Bromwich

Avalon is the mythical island in the Somerset Levels upon which Glastonbury is thought to be built and where the ghosts of King Arthur and his knights are said to be resting before rising again in the future to make glorious new conquests. The idea of Avalon as an island retreat, a place of rest and recovery is surely why Janet Williams named her Health & Beauty Spa in West Bromwich, Avalon.

Transforming Experience

For every woman in the Midlands who enjoys Spa pampering, Avalon Health & Beauty Spa offers a totally transforming range of beauty treatments and holistic therapies. You can make glorious new conquests of your own! How do we know this? Well we have a Spa expert on our team; Rebecca Hudson, Yin Yang Skincare Consultant, has managed some of the most luxurious spas in Britain, so we can take her word for the fact that Avalon Health & Beauty Spa provides a great pampering experience. In fact Rebecca likes visiting Avalon so much that she has persuaded the Spa to use Yin Yang Skincare products – a good excuse for her to keep calling!

Complete Makeover

From nail work to facials, Avalon can give you a complete makeover and much more besides with a range of exotic and luxurious massages, body scrubs & wraps, plus full face & body masks. To learn more about Avalon visit www.avalonhealthandbeautyspa.co.uk or call Janet Williams on 0121 588 4666, 12.00hrs Tuesday to 15.00hrs Saturday.

Yin Yang Skincare Stockist

Since the beginning of 2010 Avalon Health & Beauty Spa has been stocking the entire Yin Yang Skincare range and the Yin Yang Wellbeing range, so you can now experience our products as part of an Avalon Beauty Treatment – another good reason to treat yourself with an appointment with Janet and her team in West Brom!