Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

Glowing Skin

“People tell me that my skin has a lovely glow about it – and it always feels so fresh and alive”. A comment made by Gill, who has used Yin Yang Skin Cleanser for many years.  A change of staff at one of our stockists resulted in Gill being told that the product was not available. Gill just could not believe this, so she “Googled” Yin Yang Skincare and to her considerable relief, she found that Yin Yang Skin Cleanser was available from a variety of stockists throughout the UK, and directly from

Uncomfortable Dull Skin

Thorough cleansing with a mildly acidic cleansing lotion p H 4.5-5.0, completely free of detergents and harsh chemicals, but able to gently exfoliate dead skin cells that are being shed from the surface of the skin, is a vital component in a daily skincare routine. It is important to clear away the build up of impurities that settle on the skin over the course of the day: to keep the pores clear and the skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. Moisturiser applied to badly cleansed skin will have reduced effect, and the skin will fail to glow, and will instead feel uncomfortable and look dull.

Tried & Tested Skin Cleanser

Yin Yang Skin Cleanser has been tried and tested by our customers for 36 years – and it is still winning awards. In 2009 Yin Yang Skin Cleanser received an award from Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards. The expert panel at Natural Health Magazine’s Beauty Award commented “Yin Yang has created this great morning cleanser which gives the skin a dose of refreshment…not only does it moisturise, but it washes away impurities within seconds”. A Sunday Mirror reader who trialled Yin Yang Skin Cleanser wrote “It’s soft and gentle and didn’t irritate my skin at all”: no wonder then that Prima Magazine voted Yin Yang Skin Cleanser “the Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin”.

Most Popular Skin Cleanser

For Gill in Cambridgeshire, Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is the only cleanser for her skin. Gill is a member of a large “club”, because for 36 years we have been gaining a reputation amongst our customers and a number of beauty writers, for having the best Skin Cleanser available. In this case the proof of Yin Yang Skin Cleanser ’s effectiveness, is in the look & feel of our customers’ skin.

Money Back Guarantee

We have complete confidence in Yin Yang Skin Cleanser – if you buy one from us, and you are not completely happy with the results – we will happily refund your money: in nearly 40 years it has never happened.