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Bikinis In, Breasts Not Out

Hot or Not

How does it happen? From hottest craze to yesterday’s story, things, people and behavioural models come in and go out of fashion in the blink of an eye. Back in the “Swinging Sixties” those stylish French women decided that it was “le thing” to cast off their bikini tops and allow the sun and beaches full of grateful males to smile upon their breasts. Quickly the habit spread amongst a generation of women liberated by education and The Pill, and what started out as sun bathing protocol became a political gesture – women were liberating themselves from the behavioural restrictions of a more conservative age.

Porn Drives Breasts Under Cover

So what has happened? Modesty is now the new “chic”. From Nice to Monte Carlo, the bikini top is now firmly in place and breasts are off view. Apart from municipal baths in Paris, the choice to “go topless” has not been restricted by legislation, perhaps instead it is that in a World awash with porn, many women are now choosing to wear not bare? But Skin Science Reporter has been told that increasing concern about the skin damaging effects of UV radiation may play a more significant role in the trend to cover up.

Sun Damaged Skin At Risk of Cancer & Premature Aging

Yin Yang Skincare advises women to have a very healthy respect for the powerful action of the Sun – because that is the best way to prevent the skin suffering from UV ray damage with all its long term consequences for accelerated aging of the skin and in severe cases, skin cancer. Because the skin of the breasts is mostly covered up, it is naturally more likely to suffer sun burn, and extra care will be needed if going topless. “Girls, the decision is only yours to take”, says Katie May the founder of Yin Yang Skincare, “but whenever you are in the sun, protect your skin from possible burning. As part of your defensive programme, use Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion, both under your sun blocker and after showering when you come off the beach”.

Vitamin E For Extra Protection

Vitamin E rich Wheat Germ Oil, which is at the heart of this moisturising face and body lotion, will help to protect and feed the skin whether you wear or bare.

What Do You Think?

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