Christmas Essentials

A Traditional Christmas

With the Christmas Season well and truly upon us – again – it is certainly time to have a plan for the festive period. It is often lamented that the traditional Christian nature of Christmas has been lost, but in the days before Europe embraced Christianity, people still held a Winter Festival: no doubt to provide some respite from the cold short days of the Northern winter. Today winter does not hold the same dread as it no doubt did in pre-Christian Britain, and the festive season’s traditions may have more to do with getting away to a sunnier place, just having time off work, or spending a bit of time with the family. But Christmas still has much that is traditional about it – and in particular the celebration that we have passed the longest day and that the countdown to Spring can begin!

Winter Skincare

Whether you are planning a Winter Break or a Christmas at Home with your family and friends, you don’t have much time left to get everything organised, and amongst all the things you will need to take care of, don’t neglect your skincare. Winter can be tough on the skin with cold winds able to dry and crack dry skin, and centrally heated buildings and homes able to dry out normal skin. Then there is the partying: most of us put aside the rules of good nutrition and moderation in all things during this period with often noticeable impact on our skin. As a minimum you should ensure that you keep up your skincare routine, drink plenty of water and keep to “The 5 A Day” rule.

Vitamin E Packed Moisturising Lotion

To make it easier to keep up your skincare routine Yin Yang Skincare has a Christmas Essentials Offer: 200 ml Skin Cleanser; 200 ml Orange Flower Tonic; Kaolin Face Mask – 50 ml; and as our Christmas present to you - the 200 ml pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion – our Vitamin E packed moisturising lotion, free of charge within the 4 product pack. Gold Defence Lotion is suitable for all skin types, including oily skins, is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any oily residue and yet keeps the skin supple, glowing and healthy in even the worst weather conditions.