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Everything A Girl Could Want

Affordable Skincare

That British women take skincare seriously is an indisputable fact: a fact supported by an impressive annual spend of £900m - that is about £43 each!And there are literally thousands of brand choices available: everything a girl could want is on offer from the promise of eternal youthfulness to skin that glows in the dark. But the dominant product themes of the past 20 years are purity and science. Right now however, in the midst of this economic downturn, affordability is also a key concern for most consumers.

Skincare That Works

Consumers want products that work and in a technological age this has translated into a desire to understand how the products work. Consumers have also woken up to the dangers to health of chemicals in foods and cosmetics - we are all green now! There is also a growing social conscience amongst consumers that is expressed in a preference for products that do not damage the environment, that are light on resources and fair to their producing communities. However marketing statements can be confusing and technical claims sometimes require a PhD in bio-chemistry to understand!

Skin Health

We all have preferences in skincare that will depend on our skin type, our age, our budget, our consumer ethics, and of course the most basic things such as fragrance and feel. At Yin Yang we believe that the health of the skin should be everyone’s first priority: healthy skin is always beautiful skin. A good diet, a healthy lifestyle and a skincare routine that is appropriate for each skin will ensure healthy beautiful skin. Skincare products are concerned with the management of the skin in its relationship with the external environment, but diet and lifestyle impact the condition of the skin as a direct consequence of its dependency on the overall health of the body.

Skin Care Concerns

If you have concerns or questions about looking after your skin, send an email to for advice, or you can attend one of our skincare clinics - the next one is 3rd October at Mother Earth 282- 284 St Pauls Road Islington [Highbury & Islington tube station / Victoria Line]. Just call 020 7354 9897 to make an appointment.