Katie's Letter -

Fig Harvesting at Beechgrove Herb Garden

The fig harvest is underway at last and Marvina who manages our herbs and fruits (and generally creates domestic harmony) is making a delicious and nutritious Fig Cordial to a recipe of the respected traditional author, Mrs. Genery-Taylor. This book was passed to Marvina by a wise Cotswolds country gentleman some 20 years ago. It is full of fascinating practical country recipes.

The fig tree is well positioned on a South Facing wall. This year it has grown in size and produced the biggest harvest ever. One has to be diligent in the daily collection or the birds and wasps beat us to it! Figs are very nutritious, particularly when eaten fresh. They are much lower in calories than dried figs, are rich in potassium and have long been thought to lower cholesterol levels.

The recipe for the cordial includes raisins, root ginger, orange and lemon zest. It rests for 12 days, in a stainless steel pan, before bottling. The drink is made by adding sparkling or still spring water.

By the end of August we will be enjoying a good cordial. I am sure that it will be just as delicious as Marvina’s Elderflower Cordial, which is made earlier in the summer.

Katie May