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Get Dirty, Get Cleaner

Get Dirty, Get Cleaner

Clean your skin with mud? Well clay actually – would you do that? Human beings have been rubbing their skin clean of impurities for millennia with wet mineral rich grainy mud. In the process dead skin cells are eased off along with excess oils and accumulated grime and sweat. But a variation on this ancient cleansing routine produced a concept that is still helpful for skincare today – the Face Pack or Mask. As the wet clay or mud dries it gently draws oils to the surface of the skin freeing the pores and follicles of any accumulated grime or dead skin cells. It is also thought that the exchange is a two way process with the skin absorbing minerals from the clay. Whatever the actual biochemical action of the clay face pack may be, humanity has found this routine helpful for cleaning the skin, treating skin disorders, and preserving the beauty of the skin for tens of thousands of years.

Cleopatra’s Mud Spas on the Nile

The skincare sector has even found celebrity endorsement from the Ancient World for the therapy: Queen Cleopatra, it is suggested, established a chain of exclusive [and equally expensive] Mud Spas along The Nile – so addicted was she to the therapy. But between seducing high flying Romans and bathing in the milk of donkeys, Skin Science Reporter doubts that she had the time for such entrepreneurial activity.

Precious Earth

Yin Yang Skincare first introduced its Kaolin Face Mask in 1973 – then known as Precious Earth Face Mask. The name change reflects a shift in priorities: today products rely more on science and understanding than the romance of the concept. The earth is indeed precious – but very precisely the earth in our Mask, is Kaolin Clay. The effect of water that is trapped in granite heating up over millions of years, leads to it weathering the mineral feldspar to form kaolinite, which in turn produces a mineral rich white clay. First used in China during the Song Dynasty over 1000 years ago for making the purest white porcelain, we source it from Cornwall to formulate Kaolin Face Mask, for its excellent drawing properties.

Using Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask

The Mask should be used regularly for all skin types two to three times a month, to remove deep seated impurities as well as dead skin cells. Spread thinly all over the face and neck, avoiding the most delicate area around the eyes. For all but the most sensitive skin it can be left on for 20 minutes. For a fine, sensitive skin it is best left on for just 8 to 10 minutes. The mask can be used daily on acne blemishes and individual spots.