Katie's Letter -

Harriet Sergeant


TITLED: The hormone gel that can banish depression in women

Harriet Sergeant is a very serious journalist, has written 3 worldly books and is a research fellow for the Policy Studies and the Independent Think Tank for whom she writes in depth articles on important social matters of the day. Her latest book is “AMONG THE HOODIES – my years with a teenage gang”. It tells of her extraordinary friendships. During the last year I have seen her on the panel of QUESTION TIME.

Harriet is very clever and very beautiful. She read English at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. It was soon after her graduation that I first met her in the late seventies. She was the deputy Health & Beauty editor on the Harpers Bazaar glossy fashion magazine. This was a much sought after position because at that time the Beauty Editor was the very clever Leslie Kenton. As a result I met Harriet a number of times and always knew that she would make a great impression as a writer and become a serious thinker.

Today in the DAILY MAIL, she has written a double page spread explaining how a gel can banish depression in women, when the hormonal fluctuations cause mood swings resulting in PMT, post natal depression and menopausal symptoms. It reminds me of how supportive our Yin Yang Wild Yam (which I wrote about in my July Newsletter) can be.

It is good to see that Harriet has remained interested in her early connections with HEALTH & BEAUTY WRITING.

Katie May