Hottest Things To Buy For Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Guys, if you aren’t into shopping but you want to score highly with your girlfriend this Christmas here are 5 sure-fire winning gift ideas – and something for every budget, from a Goldman Sachs “big swinger’s” to a first year undergrad’s. Each one of these items will show her that you have done some serious research and sought to please.

Five Winners

1. Apple I POD Nano 8 GB in Pink – Stunning design: a brilliant polished anodised aluminium finish in girlie pink. And the 2.2-inch colour display for her viewing pleasure. Genius Mixes - a new feature that acts as her personal DJ, searching her iTunes library to find her favourite songs. £100. And for an extra touch throw in something from the New Moon soundtrack.

2. Lola By Marc Jacobs – If the scent alone doesn’t do the trick (and it will) the bottle will win you big marks. £59 for 100ml.

3. Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Bangle in 18k Gold – just can’t go wrong with bling – but you had better have £2,900 spare for the bangle and another £100 to wrap it properly.

4. Christmas in the Churchill Suite Mandarin Oriental London - £1,300 and a tad more for Spa, champagne, dinner - but this is one really romantic gift.

5. Yin Yang Skincare  Skin Cleanser, Orange Flower Tonic & Rich Skin Food - £44.50. All the girl will need to keep her skin in tip top condition all through the party season. A pure botanical range of British skincare favoured by women “in the know”.

And if you really want to make a big impression combine any of these for maximum “brownies”.