Katie's Letter -

Jane Thurnell-Reid Successfully Cycled From Land’s End to John O’Groats

Wells For Africa

Jane thoroughly enjoyed her exhilarating 12 day cycle ride right from the very South of the England to the very north of Scotland.     Almost every day she cycled in the region of 80 miles, in some places going through very hilly country and sometimes large towns and cities could not be avoided.   She is most grateful to all of you who helped her cause to buy the much needed WELL to provide water for a village in Zambia.   If you would like to read the full story of her cycle ride, go to www.justgiving.com/janebiking.

Yin Yang Website is Blossoming

As I mentioned last month, our website would be evolving soon. It is now blossoming and due to the creative work of Chrissie, Pete and Ian – we now have this Blog – with lots of new and interesting  happenings – helpful advice and interesting information from our Scientific Advisory Panel, as well as beauty tips. You can also see the full copies of the press cuttings on the website - go to Yin Yang in the Press.   You too can join in on the blog and send us your comments and stories. So do take look at www.yinyangskincare.com.

Product of the Month - Yin Yang Skin Cleanser

When anyone asks me which Yin Yang product I like the most, I always reply that it is the Cleanser.   So I was particularly pleased that we recently won an award in the ultimate guide to the best all-natural beauty products NATURAL BEAUTY.   Our award was in the best Cream Cleanser category and was chosen from among 80 tested brands and praised for its refreshing and moisturising properties.   My reason for liking it is one of science, because it cleans without detergent, removing dirt and dead skin cells at the same time as it enhances the all-important protective mildly acidic barrier that maintains good skin condition throughout life.   Good cleansing always comes first and is followed by gentle toning and appropriate moisturising.

Flower of the Month - The Rose

As I look out of my kitchen window, the rose garden which I planted in Autumn 2007, looks absolutely wonderful.   As I mentioned in my post on Summer Skin, this is the best season for roses in living memory, due to the very cold winter and very warm May with plenty of refreshing rains in between. For many centuries roses have been grown around the world.   The symbolism connected with the rose is one of the richest – traditionally associated with Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty and used for a wide range of disorders from headaches to poor circulation. With its beautiful blooms and wonderful scents, it is a great inspiration for us all at this time of mid-summer.