Katie's Letter -

January’s Letter


We have been very pleased to hear how much you like the new aluminium bottles for Yin Yang. With their pumps and spray, the products are well protected and the opaque material means that the naturally occurring plant colours of the product ingredients are not faded over time. We were also mindful of the fact that aluminium is light and easy to recycle. So they are practical as well as beautiful.


Although we tend to think of the nettle as a menace, it is in fact a most nutritious plant, very beneficial to both humans and animals. Cattle and poultry fed on nettle fodder, give more milk and eggs than those whose diets have not been enriched. This could be due to its high vitamin and mineral content and I have long since recognised nettle soup as the best de-tox food. Traditionally the nettle has been used for a variety of conditions including rheumatism and gout and it is also highly regarded for skin cleansing, acne, eczema , stimulating hair growth and conditioning the scalp. Combined with our rich soya protein, it makes a very useful product as Yin Yang Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream and interestingly I hear good reports about its usefulness with infants cradle cap.

Product of the month – WILD YAM & SOYA CREAM

The product, which is currently proving extremely popular is the Wild Yam & Soya Cream with its delicious smell of geranium. This essential oil was not just chosen for the aroma, but for its traditional characteristics – significantly -circulation, relaxation, skin and hormonal balancing, including menopausal and PMT problems. I always feel more cheerful and energetic, after using this cream and the skin incidentally feels smooth and healthy.

Tess Burrows is on her way in the Omega 3 South Pole Race

As I mentioned last month Tess is on her way to the South Pole (with her protective Yin Yang creams) and progress can be followed on www.teamsouthernlights.org. Tess and Pete are currently in sixth place of six teams, but they are not too far behind the others. They are the veterans (in their early sixties) and have just two in their team, whereas the other teams are threes. They will be sending out their messages for peace around 9 pm (GMT) on the 29th January. If you would like to, you can still add your message for peace to their website or tune in to think of them on the 29th. I look forward to relating news of their adventurous trip in the March Newsletter.