Katie's Letter -

Joint Cream with MSM – once again found invaluable

Recently I received a letter extolling the virtues of Joint Cream with MSM from a Yin Yang customer of 30 years. “Dear Katie May, I have used Ying Yang skin care products for nearly thirty years and I wanted to let you know about my experience with your joint cream. A couple of months ago, aged 62, I started to get aches in my knees, especially when driving long periods Then after Christma,s having walked a lot they really began to seize up, becoming stiff and painful. I was thoroughly miserable, as up to now I had been fairly active, skiing, riding and walking with no problems. In desperation I started to apply my husband’s joint cream. it was the middle of the night and the discomfort had woken me up; almost immediately I felt a gentle warmth and relief. I have been using it two or three times a day and am back walking pain free, and climbing over styles and gates! With kind regards, Vivienne Sturt.” This letter is not unusual because MSM really works on aches and pains caused by wear and tear or after excessive exercise. Don’t let the pain get you down because MSM is there to help.

Plant of the Month – the snowdrop

As the snow melted towards the end of February, my gardens were carpeted in cheerful optimistic snowdrops. Although recent tradtitional herbalists have little or nothing to say about this beautiful bulb, there are indications that the magical herb “moly” that appears in Homer’s Odyssey is actually snowdrop.

Jane Thurnell-Reid is to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats (UK) in May Jane Thurnell-Reid has signed up for the Land’s End to John O’Groats (UK) race beginning on 5th May. This involves cycling 1000 miles in 12 days. The trip is billed as “tough” and at 61 presents a Challenge for another of our brave British women. Jane is making the trip to raise money for a small but excellent charity “Village Water”, that works on providing wells and sanitation for the villages in Zambia. Jane’s aim is to raise at least £2500. She is paying the expense of the trip herself, so all donations will go to the charity. If you would like to help her cause, you can sponsor on line at http//www.justgiving.com/janebiking.

Product of the month – pHamino-gold defence lotion

It has to be pHamino-Gold Defence Lotion, which along with MSM eased Tessa Burrows skin and joints on her recent extraordinary trip to the South Pole. With spring around the corner and summer to follow, remember that this easy to use, Vitamin E laden lotion will help your skin to stay moist, supple and resilient, whatever the weather. Use it whenever you are out in the elements of any kind – just walking the dog, gardening or on an epic cycle ride.