Katie's Letter -

July Blog

High summer at Beechgrove Herb Garden is a real treat. Where Yin Yang is made, is surrounded by several herb gardens and orchards – some of which are rather tidy and some, which jostle wildly in friendly abandon. June as always has been a great month in the Cotswolds, with rather more than the average hours of sun and following a warm wet winter, our herbs have grown with happy flourishes. Marvina and Eddie (with some help and interference from me) attempt to keep it under control.

The grapes are just budding and the figs will be ripening soon but the roses have flourished this year and (chosen for their colour, fragrance and old fashioned pink charm) I expect them to continue to delight us with their perfumes and brightness for the next 3 months. July is the month for Lavender and Budleia, which attracts hundreds of bees and butterflies on hot summer days.

In July the Lavender is the star of the show and very useful it is too. There are numbers of varieties, which are grown in “families” and show off many shades of blue from very pale to deepest indigo. We use the essential oil of lavender in our pH amino-Gold Defence Lotion and are pleased to have chosen it for the new SUN CARE COLLECTION – COMING SOON. Lavender has been traditionally used around the home for centuries – in the laundry, the bathroom and the sickroom. It was considered a great tonic and refresher – helping faintness, fatigue and giddiness. Essential oils are very powerful but Lavender is Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. It is recommended in Skin Care for various situations, so it is diverse in its applications, from acne to eczema, psoriases and sunburn, which makes it very useful.

I love to see Lavender growing around the garden and have companion planted it with blue sage, curry, rosemary and fennel. Not only is it useful but it is a delight!!

Katie May