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July Newsletter

New Yin Yang Sun Care Collection

Moira, Susan and I have been very busy in production during June and amongst the products is the SUN CARE COLLECTION, which includes an INSECT REPELLENT LOTION, an AFTER SUN LOTION and a COOLING SPRITZER. They all contain essential oils and come in a 30 ml spray, which is easy to take on holiday, easy to apply and all three together come in at just under 100 ml. The Insect Repellent contains Lemon Balm, Citronella, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang – all of which have been traditionally used to repel insects and soothe bites. The After Sun Lotion, which like the insect repellent, contains coconut, full of essential fatty acids and some amino acids to soothe and nourish the skin, is infused with Lavender to soothe, Carrot Seed to tone and Ylang Ylang to calm “after sun” skin and induce relaxation. The Cooling Spritzer combines 3 essential oils infused into spring water. These are Grapefruit which is light, refreshing and non-phototoxic. Traditionally it relieves fluid retention, which can be a problem in hot weather. It is combined with a little Lavender and Caraway Seed oil to calm nasal allergies and “take your cares away”. This interesting new Yin Yang collection will soon be available.

Summer Range

The Fun Race raise over £105,000 for charity

Last month we blogged about the RACE which Yin Yang sponsored for the Special Effect Charity that helps to rehabilitate people’s hand and brain coordination after accidents or strokes. I am happy to report that more than £105,000 was raised by this event and our four drivers (in car 69) benefited happily with the protection of YIN YANG PHAMINO-GOLD DEFENCE LOTION, which we provided as part of our sponsorship for the fun race, which embraced the Brands Hatch and Le Mans racing circuits. A great weekend it turned out to be!

Product of the month – MSM in new packaging

Our best selling Yin Yang MSM Lotion has been rather spectacularly repackaged in a 200 ml bottle with a pump, which cleanly dispenses an appropriate portion of the cream for your application. The design on the bottle is stylish as well as being rather fun and contemporary. Although in a different colour, it is in the same family of design as the SUN COLLECTION. Yin Yang is getting trendy!

Plant of the month - Sweet Orange

My herb gardens each have a “character” and this year I have added an orange bush in the south facing walled Mediterranean garden. The little tree is very cheering and is appropriate as we use essential oil of sweet orange a lot in Yin Yang. It is a nutritious fruit containing vitamins A, B and C and is considered cooling, an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal and also a tonic. It has also been used traditionally in aromatherapy to relieve a dull complexion, to ease water retention, to alleviate colds and flu and last, but not least, to relieve stresses.

Katie May