Katie's Letter -

Lavender - A Central Part of English Summers

Plant of the Month - Lavender

My herb gardens are all awash with the lavenders that are such a central part of English summer. The generic name is thought to derive from the Latin lavare “to wash” because the Romans put Lavender into the bath water for its aromatic and therapeutic properties. Due to its antiseptic properties, it has been recognised for centuries as a strewing herb amongst clothes to protect them from destruction by moths, and in rooms to deter flies and mosquitoes. Modern research has shown that the medicinal properties ascribed to lavender are well-founded scientifically. The essential oil extracted from the plant is a powerful antiseptic, which will kill many of the common bacteria – typhoid, diptheria, streptococcus – as well as being a powerful antidote to some snake venom. Used sparingly in skin care formulations (such as Yin Yang pHamino-Gold Defence Lotion) it smells good and is cooling and refreshing. It is also a joy to grow, reminding us of its traditional links with the medicine of plants.

Product of the Month - Yin Yang Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream

Following the mention of the Nettle & Zinc Scalp Cream in Woman’s Weekly 26th May, it has found lots of new fans, who are so pleased with it that they are already beginning to re-order on line. It has been good to speak to these new customers to explain the product and its application. Yin Yang Scalp Cream is a combination of all the amino acids [derived from organic soya] required to grow skin and hair, with extract of nettles and zinc.  The Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) has several reputed properties for supporting the scalp and hair follicle function, including promotion of hair growth and recovery from eczema and related conditions. Zinc’s role as an aid to the skin’s healing processes is enhanced in this rich cream by the addition of nettle and plant amino acids. It is best used directly onto the scalp. Take a “finger tip” of cream directly to the affected areas of the scalp. Then with the finger tip, gently and thoroughly massage into the problem skin. The cream will be easily absorbed to support the recovery of the scalp from the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and dandruff like conditions.