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“Market analysts, who needs them? It’s in the handbag stupid!”

Moisturisers are Essential Skincare for Most Women

A recent report on the UK Facial Skincare market concluded that “Moisturisers are the staple of most women’s skincare routine and take 59% of market value”.

This report detailed some interesting trends:

  • Consumers want “free of [chemicals, parabens, petroleum derivatives] products”
  • A huge interest in products that slow down the ageing process
  • Growing consumer mistrust of the “techno-babble” used by many of the biggest brands to describe the “science” of their products
  • We are all turning into “web shoppers”

Possibly all stuff we knew – but interesting to see confirmed. But Yin Yang’s read of the skincare market has always been based on the contents of the handbag – and what handbag does not have a moisturiser in it?