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Mother Earth - Holistic Skincare In Islington

Mother Earth - Holistic Skincare In Islington

Last Saturday Mother Earth in Islington hosted its first Yin Yang Skincare Clinic.  Monica Savage – a career nurse – and Yin Yang’s most experienced skincare consultant, met with Mother Earth customers interested in learning how to manage their skin throughout life for health & beauty.

An Effective Skincare Routine

Thirty years ago Monica was “radicalised” by Katie May, the founder & formulator of Yin Yang Skincare, about the importance of an effective skincare routine, Thorough effective cleansing to unclog the pores is critical… when the skin is thoroughly cleansed the difference is felt immediately, it feels alive!”

Mother Earth – “Naturally” Perfect

Like enjoying good health, having beautiful skin is about having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and it is about taking care of yourself and your skin.  Monica is committed to educating people in the need to take a holistic approach to the management of the health and beauty of their skin.  Mother Earth “naturally” provided a perfect backdrop for the event with its wonderful shop full of nutritious organic food and a fantastic range of products geared for healthy living.

Holistic Skincare

Yin Yang Skincare Clinics are designed to help people who are concerned about the condition of their skin, to manage the care of this vital and important part of the body.  Diet, lifestyle, state of health, skincare routine, skincare products – are all important factors that will determine whether you have healthy beautiful skin throughout life, and whether your skin ages well or badly.   Monica is adamant that education is the key to lifelong beauty and urges women to adopt holistic techniques ahead of chemical or surgical procedures,  they promise to make the individual beautiful…but there are so many layers to beauty, skin, mind, spirit…”

Try To Remember – Yin Yang At Mother Earth In September

Each Clinic appointment comprises a relaxing skin cleansing and toning facial treatment and a consultation about your skin & skincare concerns. The Yin Yang Skincare Consultant will assess the condition of your skin and advises which products will work best with your skin, she will also provide guidance on how best to apply the products as part of your skincare routine.  Yin Yang will be back at Mother Earth in the second half of September: ask Dominic at Mother Earth or Rana and Laura at The Healthy Living Centre in Mother Earth Islington about making an appointment.