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New Look for Yin Yang Skincare

Yin Yang Skincare has a new look!

Our pure botanical products are lovingly made to feel great on your skin, and to do great things for your skin. We’ve used all our experience to make creams, masks, toners and cleansers that support your skin’s naturally balanced biochemistry to keep it looking youthful and beautiful.

But you’ve told us that it’s not just what comes in the pot that’s important – you also want environmentally friendly packaging that helps you get the very most from Yin Yang’s products. You said you’d like packaging that has a low environmental impact, so we’ve carefully researched the bottles that are most suitable for recycling, and chosen the ones we think are best. You said you don’t like waste, so we’ve found new airless pumps for our 50ml products that will squeeze out every last drop. And because they keep the air out, these pumps will help to stop the oxidation that sometimes happens with screw top pots, keeping your Yin Yang Skincare even fresher.

You’ve also told us that you want your products to look good on your shelves. We asked our design partner, Ian Atkins from design studio Kithkin, to create new labels that express the pure, botanical character of Yin Yang Skincare and also look great in your home. We love what he’s done, and we hope you’ll like it too.

As we all know, trends are always changing so Yin Yang Skincare looks very different today than when we first started in 1973. Over the years we’ve tried to stay faithful to the important symbols of our brand, while keeping our image fresh and dynamic.

Visit our website to see how we’ve changed our look over the years and we think you’ll agree that although the style has changed, the key elements are still the same. We hope you’ll like the new look, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any comments about the way the brand has evolved since 1973.  Add  your comments below and we’ll publish what you tell us on the Yin Yang website and blog.