New Stockist - AnyaVo

Yin Yang Skincare is pleased to announce a new stockist, AnyaVo (, a team of Nutritional Therapists led by Anya Vosteen. AnyaVo provides bespoke nutritional programmes in support of weight loss, chronic illnesses and for people undergoing treatment for cancer.

A member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists and the Naturopathic Nutrition Association, Anya always discusses skincare with the people who seek her advice on nutrition and well being: Anya is keen to insure that neither harmful chemicals such as petrochemicals nor hormone mimicking agents are contained in their skincare. Here, Anya’s approach resonates with the instincts which inspired Yin Yang Skincare’s founder Katie May to develop the pure botanical range of skincare products nearly 40 years ago.

Katie also understood that with proper care, the skin would maintain its protective acid mantle and defensive micro flora of healthy bacteria, to remain in the perfect condition to be able to deal with all environmental assaults. An ardent advocate of healthy eating as part of any skincare routine, Katie and Anya have similar philosophies. Yin Yang is the name of a school of philosophy that emerged in China some 3,000 years ago. It is based on the understanding that the perfect Universe is a result of the balance created by two great opposing, but complementary forces, Yin and Yang. Katie May interpreted the skin’s endless cycle of cellular renewal against a background of challenge from environmental and lifestyle factors, in the context of this ancient philosophy.

All AnyaVo Nutrition Programmes are designed around an anti-inflammatory diet as well as lifestyle and exercise recommendations, whilst providing a wide array of beneficial nutrients including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients and fibre.

Katie May and the rest of the team at Yin Yang Skincare wish Anya every success in her work.