Katie's Letter -

Newly available Orange Flower Skin Tonic

Product of the month – Orange flower skin tonic

Newly available Orange Flower Skin Tonic uses all the principles of Yin Yang Orange Water Skin Tonic, with the additional benefits of essential oil of orange blossom and geranium, which traditionally keep wrinkles at bay and are beneficial for delicate skin around the eyes. Together with the citrus essential oil of sweet orange they combine into a real ”tonic” for the skin and an essential part of the mildly acidic Yin yang routine, that means good skin care throughout life. It comes in a wonderfully refreshing spray – best sprayed 15 to 18 inches away from the face, or can be sprayed directly onto cotton wool and used all over the face and neck.

Website - yinyangskincare.com

Yin Yang Web Site is now providing good communication with customers and takes orders with VISA, Mastercard, Solo or PAYPAL. Trade orders can be telephoned through to me on 01993 822800 and paid for using the same merchant cards. Any product or technical queries sent via the website come directly to me and, of course, I am always pleased to talk things through on the telephone.

Tess Burrows completes the Omega 3 South Pole Race

Quotes from their website

“Tess and Pete have made it to the South Pole!!! They arrived on Friday 23rd in the afternoon to a warm welcome.”

“Yin Yang Skin Care are providing us with fantastic skin care products, both for the exposed and unexposed areas of skin – perfect for the dry Arctic environment!

“Tuesday 3rd February – Tess and Pete have arrived safely in the UK and are both in good shape and recovering well. They were the only team not to suffer frostbite!.”

I am so pleased that Yin Yang was, once again, helpful to Tessa and Pete on yet another of their daunting adventures and look forward to speaking with them, once they have had time for recovery and relaxation. PHamino-Gold Defence Lotion will have vetoed the frostbite.

The Plant of the Month – Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Looking out, as I write this letter, many of my herbs and bulbs are covered in inches of snow but the proud Rosemary flourishes all around the garden to 3 ft or so tall and just as wide, flinging off the snow as soon as it can to reveal its bright blue flowers. A wonderful Mediterranean herb brought to Britain by the Romans was much valued for its culinary and medicinal attributes and most famously associated with Hungary Water because Queen Isabella of Hungary attributed her youthful looks to this fine elixir. Traditionally Rosemary is known to cause miscarriage as do many of the common garden herbs, so I have avoided using them in my skin care formulae. However, we very much enjoy each other’s company, year after year.