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November Newsletter

When I started to formulate and market Yin Yang back in the early seventies, we proudly stated on our leaflets “YIN YANG simply means naturally balanced perfection. An entirely British beauty routine manufactured and marketed by Yin Yang beauty Care”.

And nothing has changed. We are, as a brand, proud that Yin Yang Beauty Care is scientifically formulated, manufactured, distributed and marketed in the UK. After 40 years, I am still involved in the formulation, manufacturing and some of the customer care. It gives me great satisfaction and reassurance that Yin Yang is in the hands of a dedicated family run group, who are dedicated to quality health and beauty products. It means that the principles of plant science – using mildly acidic edible ingredients, enzymes, fruits and amino acids will continue to be at the core of this traditionally British Company.

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For the past few months, I have been enjoying writing regularly on the Yin Yang Facebook, so please do log in to find out how we are getting on at Beechgrove Herb Garden, where the inspirations are born. Moira, Susan, Marvina and I are looking after things here and there are various news items from formulating to herb growing to relate.

Sage in Full Bloom

Katie May