Now Our Supermarkets Sell Christmas Turkeys From Brazil

The Daily Mail has once again highlighted the plight of the British Farmer. This time it is our Christmas Turkeys, being imported frozen from Brazil. Farmers have reacted (quite rightly) with fury after the shameful betrayal of British agriculture by Asda emerged. They complain that it is a huge waste of energy to buy, freeze and ship thousands of turkeys from 6000 miles away, when they could offer locally reared birds. The South American origin of the turkey is noted in the small print on the back of the packs, where most supermarket shoppers will fail to check, assuming that supermarket turkeys are reared in this country. The move by Asda – the UK’s second largest supermarket – is the latest evidence of leading retailers shipping in meat from such places as South America and Thailand without making the origins obvious.

Charles Bourns, Chairman of the National Farmers’ Union poultry committee, described Asda’s decision as “shameful”. It is the latest blow for British turkey producers, who have not had the support they need from the big supermarkets over many years. British turkey production has reduced from around 49 million birds a year ten years ago to about 17 million today.

If Follows Plums and Cheese

This follows my 2 previous blogs earlier this year – the first about Sainsbury’s importing plums, whilst beautiful British Victoria plums rotted in our own orchards and the second about the scandalous importation of large blocks of European cheddar being imported, chopped up and labelled as “packaged in Britain” and accompanied by the Union Jack.

Buying British is Important

Britain needs to make enormous efforts to revive our essential farming industry. We support the Fair Trade initiative, that provides fair dealing for the unprotected small farmers of the Developing Countries, and we fully understand the benefits that global trade has brought to peoples worldwide; but when we have a plentiful supply of fresh turkeys grown on standards assured British farms, to import frozen mass produced birds from Brazil ignores all the woes which the recent Copenhagen Climate Change Talks sought to address, for the questionable benefit of a price that is apparently cheaper due to lower labour costs and cheaper feed – possibly produced on cleared Rain Forest. Let us have confidence in all our home produce and work towards pride in our own self-sufficiency. Buying British makes sense to reduce global warming and pollution and to support independent and confident home food production. We must support our own economy and farming heritage before it completely disappears.

British Skincare Traditions

For similar reasons, it is just as important to buy Yin Yang, an entirely British beauty routine because it is good quality, supports our own heritage, comes without a cost to the environment and IT WORKS. For almost 40 years Yin Yang has been the first choice of many loyal customers who tell us that it is an integral part of their healthy regime. This consumer appreciation is the best encouragement for any producer, so let us give our support to as many British farmers and manufacturers as we can. Let us be proud of our traditions and heritage to secure a good future for us all.