Taking Care of Your Skin -

Nutritious Plant Foods to Keep the Skin In Peak Condition

Fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables, herbs and grains provide the finest science for skin care.  Coconut is full of saturated fatty and amino acids, fruits provide a cocktail of vitamins, herbs hold trace minerals, grains and beans contain various amino acids.   Whereas the soya bean has all the amino acids of full protein, securely tucked away in its alkaline exterior, the vegetables have secret stashes of nutritious trace elements and summer flowers give bloom for the most sensitive skin to lap up.  


With the Citrus Vitamins of Orange


With the nourishing Essential Oils of Geranium


With Coconut & Spring Water


With the Amino Acid Methionine and Vitamin E from the Germ of the Wheat


With the Amino Acid pattern of Soya


With Vitamins E and A from Wheat and Carrot


And Enliven even the most sensitive skin with Essential Oil of Geranium

The best thing about our skin is that it completely renews itself every 3 to 4 weeks.  

My work has taught me that daily, mildly acidic care (that is chemical free), will keep all those fresh new cells in vibrant health, by feeding and nourishing them, whilst banishing the toxins.   Yin Yang Skin Care does just that.   Plant ingredients without mineral oils, petrochemicals or parabens are balanced so that you can just feel the exhilaration of clean, moist skin.