Skin Health Matters -

Party Party!

Raunchy Red Lipstick

It might yet be sunny and warm – but let’s not kid ourselves, summer is definitely last season. Still there are compensations, for no matter what the winter eventually throws at us, right now and for the next eleven weeks - girls it’s Party Time. This is not the season to take up yoga or to suddenly develop an interest in Victorian Water Colours, instead you need to look out that reliable “little black dress”, buy a new RED lipstick, the raunchiest red available to really light up that mistletoe, and invest – (yes invest) – in a pair of great heels, because you are going to have some fun - and the better you look and feel the more fun you will have – FACT! 

Party Food

However there is an inconvenient secondary truth associated with this fact – partying and looking good are not compatible states. Whatever good intentions we start out with, the cocktails will be delicious and we will have too many; party nibbles are not the recommended foods of fundamentalist dieticians, and after those great cocktails, moderation can easily give way to excess. Then there is sleep: this is something that party people don’t do, they simply retreat into work clothes for daylight hours. And if any of you are occasional smokers (you definitely shouldn’t be), then this is the time of year when you are likely to give way to temptation. To look your best through all of these stresses takes some dedicated care, and your skin in particular will reveal the strain if you do not take good care of it.

At Yin Yang we have some simple rules for looking great while partying hard


Eat lots of fresh raw fruit and vegetables – water soluble vitamins are destroyed by cooking and important micro nutrients are lost when vegetables are cut and boiled. Start every day with a pure fruit smoothie using at least 5 whole fruits. You will feel the benefit of all the vitamins and anti-oxidant power of those raw fresh fruits and vegetables, and you will be less tempted by the vol-au-vents!

Power of Water

Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink and remember that Government watchdogs now classify binge drinking as more than 5 units in an evening for a woman.

Are you Getting Enough?

Sleep – you do need some – and if you don’t get enough your skin will tell the story!

Skincare Routine

Don’t give up on your daily routine of thorough cleansing, toning and moisturising. During Party Time Yin Yang’s Rich Skin Food is perfect for keeping the skin nourished, hydrated and balanced. Importantly carotol from the seed of the wild carrot and Zinc PCA will help your skin to repair blemishes and to restore firmness and colour.

Clubs for a Good Night Out

Clubs – Herbal in Shoreditch has some of the best DJs in town, Rhythm Factory frequently has Pete Doherty – who just gets better & better, and KOKO in Camden has everything! Alice Keates – a devoted Yin Yang user – details a night in KOKO when she was invited home for a “loving experience” by a couple of Goths. We have no advice in these matters!