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pH-Amino Gold in Beauty Bible

pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion – “among the very best products out there…”

Visit and read what the authors of The Green Beauty Bible have to say about pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion from Yin Yang Skincare.

“This incredibly high-scoring product is a paraben-free daily face and body cream packed with antioxidant vitamin E, plus apple cider vinegar to balance the skin’s pH level, along with coconut oil and wheat germ oil (which is rich in amino acids) to help skin maintain a youthful, healthy appearance.”

Summer’s Award Winners: Our Magnificent Seven

“Over the last 12 months we have been testing literally thousands of products, to update The Green Beauty Bible … with the help of our team of ‘elves’, we’ve been running ‘Tried ;& Testeds’ … across almost 70 product categories”

“So here are seven great finds for summer, which have earned excellent scores from our panellists. As usual, each product went to 10 women – and as usual, too, their results were amazingly consistent. So we can put our hands on our hearts and say: these are among the very best products out there…”

What the Testers said about pH-Amino Gold

  • ‘My skin felt very soft and smooth after application – this lasts for hours, too, which is great; it also smells delicious on skin’
  • ‘I can’t praise it highly enough’
  • ‘I burned my shoulders out in the garden and it provided relief to my redness’
  • ‘loved the fragrance – smells like citrussy-sherbet; I kept sniffing my arms!’
  • ‘absorbed amazingly quickly’
  • ‘overall I’m very impressed, and like the fact it can be used on the face and the body’
  • ‘would be very good to use on hot children as it’s absorbed so quickly and doesn’t leave a residue for sand to stick to etc.’

pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion

Used either as a skin protector or as a repairing lotion, pH-Amino Gold’s moisturising and nourishing power is due to the central place of Wheat Germ Oil in this lovely light naturally fragranced lotion. For the care of skin that is exposed to harsh weather conditions, pH-Amino Gold is the natural choice. Wheat Germ Oil is high in Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Fragranced with Essential Oil of Sweet Orange and soothing Lavender, the lotion can be used daily under make-up, when extra protection is needed, and also as an everyday facial moisturiser for those with oily skin.