Katie's Letter -

Plant of the Month - Holly

It is the time of year when we think of the traditions of the holly, ivy and the mistletoe – all from many ages past. Quite a number of my holly bushes are covered in berries this year. The one at the front southwestern corner of my house usually carries berries, of gradually deepening hues for 365 days of the year – it is truly amazing. Holly is a tree which is useful for its compact wood, much prized by cabinet-makers for inlay work.  It has a history of legend right back to pagan times. The Romans sent gifts decorated with holly and the Druids also decorated their huts with it in winter where it was regarded as a good omen because of its bright green leaves and bright red berries in the depths of the dark season. Although I do not take too much from my trees – just a little judicial pruning each year on Chrismas Eve – there is nothing better than real rather than artificial Christmas cheer. Medicinally holly leaves have diuretic and diaphoretic properties. They were prescribed for coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, dropsy, rheumatism and fevers. The berries are violently purgative so have always been overlooked in favour of gentler herbs. Like the Druids I respect the holly for its positive omens in the depths of winter – provoking thoughts of the bright optimism of spring bulbs and abundant summer herbs in 2010.

A Good Year for Yin Yang

This year has seen a new beginning for Yin Yang, with several awards and lots of positive press, which has reconnected us with Yin Yang fans as well as bringing us many new ones. As I look after the orders, which are  generated by the Website, I have been in touch with you all by telephone, letter or web and as ever, it is good to know that the products do a good job.  

The Website & The Blog

Thanks to our creative website team, we have a busy interactive website with lots of communicative technology (Facebook and Twitter) and a busy blog looked after by Chrissie, who has a wonderful feel for finding just the right illustrations for each subject. Our Skin Science reporter has a knack of investigating leading edge and current scientific issues that affect our health. I have found it essential to defend our British farmers twice this year. The first occasion was when our main supermarkets were importing plums from abroad as the British plums rotted in our farmer’s orchards and the second was when The Daily Mail reported that any imported cheddar cheese could be labelled British, as long as it is cut into pieces and repacked here. I feel strongly that we should support our own farming industry, not just to reduce our carbon footprint and help our planet but to provide us with a flourishing future of good resources from our own land. When our agricultural and engineering industries are neglected our economy suffers and traditions, once lost, will never recover. So let us all determine to buy British in 2010.

Special Offer for The Festive Season

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Enjoy Your Christmas and Very Best Wishes for a Good and Peaceful 2010

Last orders before Christmas will be sent out on Friday the 18th December and normal delivery service will resume on Tuesday the 5th January 2010. Christmas is a time for good cheer and good will and also time for relaxation, reflection and planning for the year ahead. It is a celebration, which is often much needed in the midst of the darkness of winter, so have an enjoyable time with your families and friends and look forward to a peaceful and positive 2010.