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Plant of the Month - The Sweet Orange

Plant of the Month - The Sweet Orange

Mid-summer just past and the fruit harvest is promising to be good this year, apples, plums, pears and figs are all promising a good harvest.   One of my favourite fruits is the Sweet Orange for its cheerful appearance, disposition and attributes. It has been an integral part of Yin Yang for so long that the orange seems part of the family. It smells delicious, has the right pH and is anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fungicidal but, above all, it is a real tonic. Traditionally in aromatherapy, the sweet orange has been valued for skin care, muscle and joint mobility, water retention, to boost the immune system and to relieve nervous tension and stress. It is so simply versatile.

Protection and Security of Products With Pumps

Over the past 3 years, I have been working with a new and gently effective preservative system, created using enzymes and without parabens.   This has involved intricate work to maintain proper preservation without altering the important Yin Yang balances. It has also made clear the benefits from the extra protection of a pump dispenser. We have chosen a simple and secure pump for our three bottles. These are locked until “opened and primed” after purchase. This is easily done and they can be relocked immediately after use. This also makes them ideal for travel, as the product will not leak in the suitcase. To unlock and prime, simply open the pump by turning it anti-clockwise until it will turn no more and then depressing the pump several times until the lotion is dispensed. After use, simply turn the pump clockwise until it is firmly locked in position.

Product of the Month - Skin Renew

Skin Renew is a cream to care for the skin after the menopause. This is a time when serenity is restored after the various disruptions that are caused by hormonal changes. This cream is a development from our Yin Yang pHamino-4, which has been so popular since 1974. My research in the seventies led me to the correct conclusion that although the skin enjoys some protein after menopause, it laps up the naturally occurring essential fatty acids in the coconut oil. Skin Renew not only provides the correct pH4,5 for good skin care but also contains a cocktail of the B vitamins with traces of useful minerals. Skin Renew’s rejuvenating action is now supported with the addition of Zinc-PCA, an organic salt that supports healthy collagen production. It also inhibits the damaging sunlight induced activation of collagenase, which is the enzyme responsible for the degradation of skin collagen. The cream is subtly fragranced with essential oil of Orange and Geranium, traditionally used for balancing hormones and reducing fine lines. Essential Oil of Carrot Seed  provides the special skin vitamin A and rejuvenating carotol.

Skin Renew will soon be available online at yinyangskincare.com