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Professor Desmond Tobin Presenting to Dermatologists in Seoul

Professor Desmond Tobin [Yin Yang Scientific Advisory Panel] has been invited to speak at three important forums in South Korea this month. Professor Tobin is presenting a paper on the bio-chemistry of hair pigmentation to the Annual Meeting of the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research [ASPCR] in Seoul. 

Disorders Relating to Pigmentation

The Aims & Objectives of the ASPCR are to:

  • To promote and encourage the exchange of information and collaboration between scientists/clinicians from Asia who are involved in basic and clinical research on disorders relating to pigmentation.
  • To encourage the exchange and dissemination of information regarding all aspects of pigmentation.
  • To promote scientific exchange between members of ASPCR and other regional and international pigment cell societies.

Hair Greying - Oxidative Stress & Aging

While in Seoul, Professor Tobin will also be presenting to the Korean Society of Cosmetic Dermatology on the subject of oxidative stress and aging with relation to hair greying, and he will deliver a “methods” paper at Chung-Ang University. 

South Korean Research

Chung-Ang University has 90 year-old tradition of leading educational development in South Korea and in pushing out the frontiers of research. With some 25,000 students on campus at any one time, Chung-Ang University supplies graduates to all branches of South Korea’s business and professional communities.