Raising Standards In Complementary Medicine

The Institute for Complementary & Natural Medicine (ICNM), in association with Natural Health Magazine, is introducing a Health Award for the first time in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The British Register For Complementary Practitioners. Beverly Martin, Chair of the ICNM Trustees comments “The ICNM Awards provide a great opportunity for complementary medicine practitioners to showcase their achievements”. Beverly further notes that “the Awards are also part of the continuing efforts of the ICNM to raise the standards and the profile of complementary medicine…to a wider audience”.

Respected Complementary Medicine Practitioners

If visitors to the Yin Yang Skincare blog know of a respected complementary practitioner or perhaps a holistic health centre that you find particularly helpful, then let the ICNM know. You can do this by down loading a copy of the appropriate nomination form from the ICNM website www.icnm.org.uk. Entries close 30th November, 2009. Alternatively you can call the ICNM on 0207 922 7980 and the ICNM will be happy to send the appropriate form to you.

Holistic Skincare

Yin Yang Skincare recognises the service that a great many complementary practitioners provide for people who may not want to use or feel comfortable with, conventional therapies. The ICNM is looking for 6 regional winners in the category Best Complementary Practitioner, covering Ireland, Scotland, Wales, London & South East England, South West England and Northern England. We are pleased to support this Award by donating Yin Yang Skincare gift packs with a retail value of £55. Yin Yang Skincare takes a holistic approach to the care of skin, emphasising the importance of diet, lifestyle and environment alongside skincare routine and products used. From launch in 1973, Yin Yang’s range of pure botanical products without chemicals, parabens or petroleum derivatives, has been a useful range for many complementary practitioners and caring charities.

ICNM Award Categories

In addition to Best Complementary Practitioner, the ICNM is also making awards in 3 other categories: Best Complementary Medical Student; Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine; Best Complementary Medicine Company.