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Rough Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Blemishes & Shine – Every Skin Is Different

Why Do I Have Problems With My Skin?

Every skin is different – subtly perhaps – but nevertheless different. What makes each skin different is down to six well documented factors. In a good news/bad news scenario, four of these influencing factors are very much under our control, but the bad news is that two are not.

  1. Genes – we inherit the characteristics of our skin and we need to understand what these are because we cannot change them – they are part of our blueprint! We can do nothing about our genes except to understand what they have dealt us. This is where a skincare routine that suits our skin type is so important.
  2. Hormones  our hormones are hugely influential to the condition of our skin: ask most adolescent boys and all women. Women do have some control over their hormones now with oral contraceptives: some are even prescribed for acne.
  3. Diet – we are what we eat: a healthy diet will give us a healthy skin. A diet that includes a lot of fast food, snacks & fizzy drinks will not leave the skin looking great! This is entirely under our control – even if it does not always feel like that!
  4. Environment – harsh climatic conditions, drying, dusty or humid working conditions, extreme cold, polluted air – these conditions will all impact the health and appearance of our skin. If we have to be in places that compromise our skin condition – then at least we can do something about.
  5. Lifestyle – if you don’t get enough sleep, or your lifestyle includes excessive alcohol, or drugs and cigarettes – your skin will tell the story. Stress also reflects in skin condition. Good skin requires a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Skincare Routine – a daily skincare routine will help to keep your skin in optimal condition. The old expression “don’t care was made to care” is very appropriate in the context of skincare. If you don’t take care of your skin it will eventually reflect your neglect.

What is my skin type?

Knowing your skin type and understanding your skin condition is the key to developing a skincare routine that is appropriate for your skin. When you have defined these things, it then becomes easy to choose the skincare products that will work most successfully to keep your skin in optimum condition.

Every Skin Is Different

At Yin Yang Skincare we have built up a directory of skin types and skin conditions to help you identify the features that best describe your skin and its condition. Please visit our website and see if you can identify your skin type or skin condition from our exhaustive list. If you have questions about your skincare routine or products that might be suitable for your skin we would be very happy to hear from you either by emailing Katie May at or by telephoning Katie on 01 99 38 22 800.