Katie's Letter -

September Newsletter

Beauty Routine Review

Every year I notice that we become busier as we come into September. It seems that once the long summer is over and the children are back to school, there is time to take some extra care of our health and beauty routines. Think of all those days, either visiting Safari or Theme Parks or sunning ourselves on foreign beaches and taking a dip in the sea or pool to cool off. All good fun and a little stressful sometimes. So it is good to treat ourselves and make a plan with a healthy eating routine, perhaps a more personal exercise programme and of course a regular daily skin care regime. After the sun and sea, it is good to exfoliate regularly, with thorough (at least twice daily) cleansing and toning and a weekly face pack. This should be followed by a moisturiser or skin food to suit your own personal skin condition.

Plant of the month - Soya

All food proteins come in a relatively indigestible form, the most commonly known proteins being meat. YIN YANG uses the richest source of protein, which is of course PLANT - organic soya. Like all proteins it is alkaline and therefore difficult to digest. Soya has all the amino acids which are present in our DNA but these are trapped by an inhibitor, which makes them unavailable to the body. We gently ferment the soya with acidophilus at blood heat, which has the affect of realeasing the amino acids and predigesting the plant food, so that it can be easily absorbed by the body and the skin. This makes a very rich plant collagen. During our reproductive years our hormones produce collagen naturally – sometimes too much, resulting in acne, sometimes too little, resulting in dry skin. So we have to decide which Yin Yang cream to use as we mature, or have lifestyle changes.

New Yin Yang Brochure

We have produced a very good Yin Yang Brochure, which will help you to make these choices. If you would like a copy, give me a call or EMAIL and we will put one of these in the post to you. It is a comprehensive, 32 page brochure, which contains a simple chart to help you with your personal routine.

Product of the month - MSM Cream

MSM CREAM - contains the full amino acid pattern from soya plus the additional amino acids from the MSM (which is an organic derivative of sulphur). These are methionine, taurine, cysteine and cysteine to give the cream an extra healthy boost. This has been for years, a very popular best-selling cream with arthritis sufferers but it has also proved very effective to ease psoriasis and eczema.

Katie May