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Skin Cancer – Avoid Risk of Sun Damage

Protection against sun burn – not chip fat!

“Scots have an unhealthy approach to sunbathing and the highest risk of contracting skin cancer in the UK”. A study by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society found some Scots had even used chip fat to get a tan.

Melanoma rates higher in Scotland than Australia

Laura Wilson, from the RPS in Scotland, said:  “This is a serious issue.  I am worried that people still think the warnings about the sun do not apply to them.   In Scotland we have higher rates of melanoma than in Australia. Scots tend to think they do not need to use sun creams at home but people must respect the sun at all times.” Rates of skin cancer are 11% above the UK average for Scotland.

The skin is the body’s largest organ

Professor Desmond Tobin, Professor of Cell Biology, Bradford University, states “The skin, our body’s largest organ, is located at the interface between the external and internal environments, and so is strategically placed to provide not only a barrier against a range of noxious stressors (sun, physical, chemical and biological insults) but also to act as the periphery’s ‘sensing’ system”.

Well being

Recent developments suggest that the skin is much more critical to maintaining the body’s well being than previously thought.   Add to this the risk of contracting cancer from exposing the skin to unnecessary risk and it becomes obvious that we should all be vitally concerned about the care of this precious hard working organ.

Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, Sun Burn

Weather conditions of all types: cold, wind & sun can take a heavy toll on the health and condition of our skin – leading to dry, cracked or burned skin. For extra protection for skin exposed to the elements, Yin Yang Skincare developed the tried & tested classic  pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion.   Not to be used as a sun blocker, but as support for skin exposed to sun, wind, and cold, pH-Amino Gold is recommended as an all over face and body moisturiser.   The “engine” of this lotion is Wheat Germ Oil – high in the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E, and rich in the amino acid Methionine, which when depleted by the Sun’s UV rays, allows the skin to be burned.   Complementing Wheat Germ Oil is that staple of the peoples living in the hot countries of the Pacific Rim, Coconut Oil.   It nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids and yet provides a layer of additional protection for the skin from climatic influences, infection, and bugs.

Ben Fogle’s South Pole Expedition

When Tessa Burrows joined the race to the South Pole early this year, competing alongside Ben Fogle, the 61 year old grandmother made sure to put Yin Yang Skincare’s pH-Amino Gold in her survival kit.   This was a great test for the moisturiser which had to combat bright sun, a depleted ozone layer allowing powerful UV rays through, and temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius and lower!   “I would recommend pH-Amino Gold for anyone whose skin is likely to be exposed to harsh weather conditions.   On the South Pole Race we found it a great help in caring for our skin”:  a great endorsement from Tessa Burrows.